angelbabyFor so many of us, gravestones, services, or scattering ashes aren’t an option. We lost our babies practically alone, without many people recognizing our losses as more than a medical complication.

At A Place for Your Angels, every one of your babies is welcomed and honored as the little people they are–the embodiment of all our hopes, dreams, and love.

Click on the comment square to the right to leave your messages to your baby. Feel free to return and send additional messages any time you like. There is a search box at the bottom of the page for you to locate your memorials after they are placed.

You may remain anonymous if you choose. While there are fields for email and web site, they are not necessary.

Your baby’s memorial will remain for as long as I own web sites, and this site has been running since 1998.

Report any advertisements that have appeared here. I have a strong filter for those, but sometimes one sneaks through. I will remove it immediately. Realize that if you add links or graphics, it will get caught by the spam filter. I regularly check the spam queue and I will rescue it.

I’m glad you and your babies are here. I like to think my little angels are here to welcome yours.

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