My next novel is free — the backstory of one of the women from Baby Dust

My next book is going to be FREE for those who want to read it as I write it. In Baby Dust, you met Stella, who had two first-trimester miscarriages […]

Blog Spotlight: Honoring Our Angels

Was YOUR family 100% supportive after your loss? Did you ignore the things they said or did you speak up? I’m guessing you stayed quiet. I got a chance to […]

Baby Casey would have been 13 years old today!

My first baby Casey would have been thirteen years old today, and we’re celebrating his would-have-been birthday with give aways of some great books on loss. Since we can’t give […]

I need YOUR voice in the Baby Dust book trailer

I am in the process of making a book trailer for my new novel Baby Dust, which is about a pregnancy loss support group, and I need YOU! A book […]

October is an important month for our babies

I want to remind all of you that October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. Robyn Bear, founder of the organization that got the designation of this month in all 50 states, has […]