More images from In the Company of Angels

In the Company of Angels, the baby record book for our angels lost to miscarriage or stilbirth, is almost final and will head to galley proof stage very soon. I’m so excited […]

Winter Blues and Virtual Hugs

So many of you are having a hard time. I’ve had a four-fold increase in direct emails since the new year began. Heartbreaking stories, difficult moments. Many of you feel […]

The Problem of Early Detection Pregnancy Tests

During research for my book Facing Miscarriage, I stumbled across an article in the British news source, The Telegraph, talking about a “panic” that spread across the UK when early detection home pregnant […]

Book Progress

I’m mainly putting this blog post up because so many people have asked about the status of Baby Dust, especially as the site underwent some rather cataclysmic changes in the […]

Anxiety and Hope

I think all of us find ourselves riddled with self-doubt at times. Sometimes I wonder if I am any sort of spokesperson on this issue. Regularly I fear I’ve gone […]