Telling friends and family about your miscarriage

telling friends and family

I remember the moment I called my parents as if it were this morning. We were supposed to have found out the sex of the baby, but instead we learned […]

Medical Terms

AFP (alpha-fetal protein) — A byproduct of fetal waste. Levels that are too high or too low may indicate a problem with the baby, such as a neural tube disorder (spina […]

Description of the D&C Procedure

Surgical Procedures If you opted for a D&C or D&E, first you will have the procedure done. Remember that if you can, insist on some time to gather loved ones […]

Will it happen again?

Will it happen again

I know this is a big question. If it happened once, you worry that it will happen again. If this is your first pregnancy, you worry that it will happen […]

What causes miscarriage

what causes miscarriage

Most early miscarriages (as many as 60% of first trimester ones) will remain unexplained. It is usually assumed these losses are genetic, where the chromosomes simply did not replicate correctly. […]