What 19 years can do

It’s interesting to think about where my life might be if things had gone differently on this day in 1998. Emily wouldn’t be graduating from high school next week. My […]

Casey’s 17th Angelversary

In some ways, I’m lucky. April 28 does not fall on a holiday. It’s not my birthday or close to it. I don’t have Christmas or Thanksgiving affected by a […]

Sometimes you just have to embrace the sadness

I’ve been crying for about four days straight. Those of you who have gotten an email from me during this time are probably saying WHAT? She was so PERKY when […]

Baby Casey would have been 14 this week — celebration give aways and more!

Every year we celebrate what would have been Baby Casey’s birthday with new site features, prizes, and give aways! This year we’re trying this trendy new gadget called the Rafflecopter […]

The Dog Days of TTC

I wrote back in May about starting to try again for a baby with my new husband. We’ve tried for three cycles, which I know isn’t a lot compared to […]