On Loss, Hope, Faith, Trying Again, and TTC #5

You know you’re caught up in trying to conceive when someone asks you what the day is and you immediately say, “Cycle Day 4!” I never thought I’d be in […]

Another April, another Angelversary for Casey Shay

Sometimes when women arrive at my Facebook group for those currently going through a loss, they ask, “How long until I get over this?” All I can say is, “Fourteen […]

Baby Casey would have been 13 years old today!

My first baby Casey would have been thirteen years old today, and we’re celebrating his would-have-been birthday with give aways of some great books on loss. Since we can’t give […]

It’s Casey’s Angelversary

Thirteen years and it could be yesterday. The giddiness we felt going to the doctor’s office to find out the gender of the baby. My students, back at school, placing […]

Getting ready for Oct. 15, 2010 candlelightings

The big day is almost here! Pregnancy and Infant Loss Loss Remembrance Day is Friday, Oct. 15. Remember to light your candle from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. your time […]