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A new private group for those worried about miscarriage symptoms

So many of you are in a tough place. Bleeding, cramping, worried about a miscarriage, and you can’t talk about it because sometimes no one even knows you are pregnant. Those hours where you wait for your doctor to call back, or the days waiting for test results or an appointment can be excruiating. I know. I’ve been there.

So to give you ladies in this place somewhere to go to get instant help, I created a private group on Facebook. People who are not members cannot see the posts in this group (and you have to be logged into Facebook to even see enough to join). We’ve left the name of the group and the description purposefully generic so that no one will know what the group is about.

In this place, you can talk to each other in the very intense few days between when you think you might be having a miscarriage and when you know for sure what is happening. Everyone gets a lot of attention and support and can compare symptoms and how their doctors are handling things.

I spent seven agonizing days after my water broke at 10 weeks waiting to find out if my baby was alive or not. I did nothing but cry and sleep and lie in bed, typing in web sites and looking for answers until my doctor would do a second sonogram to check for growth. You can read that whole story here.

I know this will be a very fluid group, as most of you will find out your baby is fine and will move back into pregnancy groups. But we do hope to provide quick support (we have women in many time zones). You’re much more likely to get a quick answer from me or one of the many women who are there right now, or have just been there.

I really wish such a group was never needed, that we all coasted through our pregnancies with nothing more than a little nausea and sleepiness. But you might have bleeding. Cramps might scare you. You might stop feeling the baby kick. And you’ll need someone to talk to. We’ll be there.