Fear at Christmas

UPDATE: I went ahead and set up a support topic for those who need to find each other over the holiday and talk to other grieving moms-to-be during this very tough […]

Ideas for Mother’s Day

Oh, what a troubling day this is, especially if you have yet to bring a baby home. One of the reasons I started Casey Shay Press was to come up […]

Managing the holidays after loss

So many of you are writing me lately. I don’t mind at all, but I do worry about the sudden increase in despairing moms who have lost their babies during […]

A Day for Dads

Certainly, dads grieve differently from moms. I hear from the occasional dad after the loss of a baby. Usually he is worried about mom, wanting to know what he can […]

On Mother’s Day

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day in the US. If you are at this site right now, I know your dreams of motherhood are not going the way you thought they […]