Another April, another Angelversary for Casey Shay

Sometimes when women arrive at my Facebook group for those currently going through a loss, they ask, “How long until I get over this?” All I can say is, “Fourteen […]

Mother’s Day Give Away: Your baby’s name in a movie credit

UPDATE: The three Olsen angels won the movie credit! Over at A Place for Our Angels: Memorials for Miscarriage and Stillbirth Babies, we’re having a HUGE Mother’s Day contest. We’ve […]

Special e-cards for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a really tough day for a lot of people.  I blog about the holidays all the time (read some here). I know many of you this year […]

Angel Feature – Neveah

When Casey Shay Press ships out an angel book, we ask moms if they’d like to photograph some of the pages from their filled-out memory book so that we can […]

Ideas for Mother’s Day

Oh, what a troubling day this is, especially if you have yet to bring a baby home. One of the reasons I started Casey Shay Press was to come up […]