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As Oct. 15 approaches, a song for you

Remember that on Oct. 15 (a Monday this year) at 7 p.m. your time, grieving families around the world will light a candle for their babies for one hour, completing a wave of light around the world.

As we lead up to this day, I like to do little things to help you prepare. If you don’t already have a special candle for your baby, you still have a week to pick one up. If you know other baby loss moms, get together with them. Grief shared is grief halved. There might even be a public candle lighting in your city! Go here to see: October 15th Events

I will post many songs that are appropriate for playing during your hour of candle lighting for your baby.

Here is one of them. I think I love it so much because of the idea that I was CHOSEN to carry Casey. No matter how it went, life or death, I got to be his mother for a little a while, to carry him while his heart beat.


Mother’s Day Give Away #2

So many things out in the world are there just to help Baby Loss Moms. I’m always amazed by the talent and love that so many mothers put into their art. Some highlights

Sculpture by D.  Antonia Truesdale.

Angel Lullabies by Amy Robbins-Wilson.

And of course for Give Away #1, the poems by Nicole Breit. Did you comment to try and win a copy? GO!

I watch over all these things, and last year, added my own book to the mix, Baby Dust.

So today’s give away will be a copy of Baby Dust. The winner can get a paperback copy or the ebook for an ereader.

The book follows five women on their pregnancy loss journeys.

Melinda is 35 and has two step children, but lost her first baby in the first trimester.

Dot is 27 and discovered at 20 weeks that her baby had no brain.

Tina is 17 and went into labor at 19 weeks. Her baby lived for 40 minutes.

Janet is 32 and ended up with a molar pregnancy, which can become invasive cancer.

Stella is 44 and had 2 first trimester losses and multiple failed IVF. She never had children.

Comment to win a copy! I will probably give away several. I have to empty out this closet before I start trying again myself at the ripe age of 42!

The book trailer features the stories of several women from around the world. Double click to see it larger.

Mother’s Day Give Away: Your baby’s name in a movie credit

UPDATE: The three Olsen angels won the movie credit!

Over at A Place for Our Angels: Memorials for Miscarriage and Stillbirth Babies, we’re having a HUGE Mother’s Day contest. We’ve already given away several books to moms on the page.

At midnight on Friday, May 13, we’ll be giving away something extra special. We’ll donate $100 to the movie Peekaboo in your baby’s honor to get the baby’s name in the Thank You credits. You will also get a DVD copy of the movie when it comes out.

Peekaboo is a movie about a mother who loses her stillborn triplets. Read more about them in the post below.

To enter the contest, go to A Place for Our Angels and post a PICTURE of anything that reminds you of your baby (bear, jewelry, sonogram, photographs) between now and 10 P.M. Central Time on Sunday. Don’t forget to tell us his or her name!

Find a picture and click on the image below to go!

Footage from the new movie about stillbirth

Everything is looking so amazing for Peekaboo, a film being produced in the UK about a mother who loses her triplets.

Take a look!

Peekaboo Post Production fundraising pitch from Big Buddha Films on Vimeo.

I’m not sure those of us in the US will get to see the movie unless we donate and get a copy that way. If you want it (and what a great thing to do–support them, get a copy, and host a screening with other moms who may have lost a baby), go to the page link below to support them!

It’s GO TIME for the movie about stillbirth

You did know one was being filmed, right? It’s called Peekaboo, and it’s being made in the UK by award-winning Big Buddha Films with an amazing pair of lead actors. In the story, a mother loses her triplets, and the movie deals with the aftermath in her life.

Shooting begins in mid-March, so it’s time to show them some support–time to say–it’s ABOUT TIME to get this issue more out in the open!

What can you do?

1. “Like” them on Facebook. Leave a comment. Get the word spreading.

2. Get a copy of the DVD when it comes out by donating. There’s no sure thing that it will be widely available to see, so ensure your copy right now by going to the Indie Go Go site where people like YOU help fund independent films. (They have just a few thousand dollars to go to be completely funded–they’ve already raised several thousand on their own.)

3. Already buying one of the Baby Memorial Books for your sweet angel? Casey Shay Press is donating $10 towards the filming of Peekaboo for every book sold through the end of February. That adds up fast! So GO, buy yours now! The book is $18.99 and is made specifically for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth, emphasizing the sweet memories of your pregnancy as well as having space for memorials and angelversaries. You don’t have to do anything special, the donation happens automatically.

4. Take action, talk about this, and know you have done something for yourself, for your baby, and for the moms who will come after you. The more we do, the easier it will be for each successive generation of grieving mothers to talk about their babies. Remember how no one used to talk about breast cancer? Look at the pink explosion now. Let’s make this happen for miscarriage and stillbirth too. We don’t have to shut our mouths. Our babies were real, our grief is real, and we shouldn’t just be quiet and get over it. The only way is to get involved.

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