I’ve been told dozens of different statistics from various sources, including my doctors, articles, and books. Most doctors are unwilling to get into statistics, as you may have discovered. I researched this issue well and am going out on a limb because I know you want to know something, even if it may not apply to you in the end.

If you would like to look at my written sources, visit books and resources.

For most normal, healthy women in their first pregnancy, the statistics look like this:

Week of Gestation Percentage Likelihood
of Miscarriage
1-2(Before your period is due) 75% (this includes eggs that never grow past fertilization, and it would have been impossible to know you were pregnant; after implantation, which occurs 7-10 days after ovulation, the odds go down to 31%)2Before taking an early detection home pregnancy test that gives results before you expect your period, please read about the concerns with it.
3-6 10% (at 14 days post ovulation when hCG levels reach 50-80)2
6-12 5% (or less if heartbeat heard)
2nd trimester 3% (considered stillbirth after 20 weeks)
3rd trimester No longer considered miscarriage once fetus is beyond one pound (500 grams) around 24 weeks gestation. Stillbirth rate is 1%.


Statistics for repeat miscarriage

Situation Percentage Likelihood
of Miscarriage
in Your Next Pregnancy
If you had a miscarriage in your first pregnancy 13% chance of it happening again (up from 10%)
One miscarriage after having one or more live births 10% (no more than normal)
Multiple miscarriages with one or more live births 13% if you are under 35.
If you had one healthy child early on and later have several miscarriages in a row, you should seek testing, as your odds may have changed due to underlying health issues or the condition of your eggs or sperm.
Three pregnancies and three miscarriages 60% (you should have testing done after three concurrent miscarriages–the solution is sometimes simple and easy)1
Four or more miscarriages with no live births It’s time to stop trying on your own and seek the help of a qualified reproductive endocrinologist or fertility specialist. See the section on causes of miscarriage for more information on what may be causing your losses.42
Maternal age over 35 If you have healthy children or this is your first pregnancy, and are in good health yourself, there is no reason to worry about an increased risk of miscarriage. It is a fact, however, that eggs begin to deteriorate after age 35 regardless of the mother’s health, and a higher rate of miscarriage and babies born with birth defects will occur. Recommended reading if you are over 35 can be found at
After your first miscarriage, your likelihood of becoming a recurrent miscarrier  20%6I don’t like this statistic, as it doesn’t match the others. But few places will give a number for this. This one comes from Miscarriage, A Woman Doctor’s View.

Statistics on Ectopic Pregnancy


Situation Percentage Likelihood�
of Ectopic
No history of ectopics 2%43
Tube with ectopic removed completely 9%
Tube with ectopic preserved 12%

 Even though your rate of ectopic is a bit higher when your tube is preserved, you want to keep your tube if you can. It dramatically increases your ability to get pregnant again.

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  1. Please can you help me. I had 1 mmc, a healthy pregnancy which resulted in my DD, then another mmc, and just Friday a natural (but incomplete) mc. I think there is something wrong with me now. I bled through both miscarried pregnancies even after seeing a heartbeat (6 weeks). I am going to ask for hormone and immune system testing…you don’t mention low estrogen as a cause of miscarriage, can this also be a cause? Also I have been told I have a “non fussy” womb because I get pregnant so quickly, is this likely the reason I keep miscarrying?

  2. I am looking for some statistics and hope someone might be able to answer for me. I have two daughters (one born when I was 30, the other when I was 34). This past January, when I was 37, I had a missed miscarriage. We were lucky enough to get pregnant within a few months after this, but at age 38, I gave birth to my son, who was stillborn (I was 31 wks pregnant) with no known causes. I am looking for statistics on the chance of this happening again. We want to try again, but are afraid of another stillbirth. It is extremely heartbreaking to go through this and don’t want to put the family (including our daughters) through this again. Thanks!

  3. I would like to challenge your statistics for recurrent miscarriages of 4 or more with no live births i.e. me.
    Your source says nothing in regards to these numbers. That is a very scary statistic and for people in my situation you would hope you don’t throw them out without serious thought and a real source.

  4. Sarah, I’m so sorry you are in this situation. You do have to get yourself ready for the struggle, and the main point of these statistics on recurring with no live births is that you can’t go it alone anymore–women in this situation must find the very best doctor possible to help or they will have little or no success in carrying a pregnancy to term. Does it happen without help? Sure. Most likely after a prolonged period after the last loss, when the body seems to adjust or change. But that is still rare.

    My footnotes show this source, which still holds up, and is fairly typical among doctors who treat only this type of pregnancy, rather than sources that are for more general pregnancies.

    And you’ll see that with many types of recurring problems, without treatment, the success rate is 0%. With treatment, it’s going to vary from clinic to clinic, and many times their success rate numbers are called into question (especially when they somehow climb higher than the national average for women without a history.)

    Most books and web sites refuse to give statistics at all. (In Scher’s book, he vacillates on single miscarriages from 10% to 20% to 30%). I chose to put these up after reading all those books, and web sites, and sources both credible and perhaps padded (such as clinics) because women want to know something, anything that helps them cope, even if the news is hard. It was a choice I made, even thought statistics are just numbers and will vary from source to source.

    I hope you find a doctor that is responsive to you, that uncovers what is going on, and can get the baby you want so much. Take care.

  5. I have one boy who is 3 and had a great pegnancy with him and got prego easy and right of way. I have had four misscarages in the last year in a row. I have had testing done and everything has come back good at this point. I am going to count my blessing my son is healthy and I have him. I am at this point done and not going to have any other kids but will be happy with what I have.

  6. Our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage around 6 weeks, but I did not know that I had lost the baby until 8 weeks. We then went on to have two healthy boys, full term. We recently found out we were pregnant again (a surprise). My sono at 7 weeks confirmed the pregnancy and we even saw the heartbeat. I began bleeding at 8.5 weeks and my sono yesterday confirmed that we had miscarried just shy of 8 weeks

    What now? Do we have a 50/50 chance of staying pregnant if we decide to try and have another child?

    On a side note, I was surprised at how different I’m emotionally dealing with my two miscarriages. The first miscarriage, I was so terrifed of not being able to get pregnant and experience the joy of a baby. This second miscarriage, I long to hold my lost child. I was fortunate enough to experience the love of a child with my previous pregnancies and it hurts so much to lose this baby. I didn’t know if other women who have experienced multiple miscarriages felt the different “tug” emotionally.

    I have my followup sono today to confirm that the baby passed, which I know I passed the baby yeserday. I feel fortunate to have completed my miscarriage at home and we will bury our little one. Quite the rollercoaster of emotions.

  7. Hi All.

    I just had my second miscarriage. Both ended at around 6 weeks. I am wondering if I should see a fertility doctor this time around or just keep trying. Does two miscarriages in a row mean my body can’t do it on its own?

    I am feeling like such a failure right now.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    I am saddened to read about all of your losses but I can definitely relate. I have one beautiful 2 and a half year old son and since him I have had 2 miscarriages…both very early..6 weeks or so.

    My latest m/c was 6 weeks ago. I had a D&C and just got my first period since the m/c.

    My hubby and I are gonna try the “sperm meets egg” plan this cycle and see what happens. I was wondering if anyone has any success stories from trying this plan??? I could really use some positivity..haha.

    Good luck ladies!

  9. Hi. I’m writing because back in 2007 I miscarried and did not know I was pregnant. I miscarried w/ my ex husband. I am now engaged and my fiance and I got pregnant. I was 6 weeks along and I miscarried. My blood type is O negative and my fiance’s is O positive. At the E.R., I was given a shot called RhoGam. I’m not sure if I miscarried because I never received this shot the first miscarriage or not. Also, I’m not sure if having a different partner has a factor in this or not? I used to have trouble w/ my ovaries (I had cysts almost as large as my ovaries), but at the E.R. they told me my ovaries looked beautiful and they could see no cysts. My fiance and I want to try again right away. Do you think my chances are better now that I have had the RhoGam shot and that helps prevent my body from fighting off the baby’s red blood cells if it just so happens to be RH positive? I am just so devastated at this loss. It is so hard to explain the love I had for something growing inside of me that I had never met. I just want answers. Thank you and I look forward to your feed back.

  10. Hello I am 20 years old and I am now 11 weeks pregnant. I had a miscarriage at 19 weeks and 6 days (1 day short to be called a stillborn)!! My miscarriage was odd I had no waters and no blood and had a amazing little boy called Kai. I was only 16 years old when I lost my son and it was a different man then this pregnancy (however my ex has just had a healthy boy 3 days ago at 8.1). I refused at the time to let them do an autopsy so I do not know the real reason for loosing him. As at the time I was constipated and thought I was going to toilet when I push out a tiny foot! As a result my doctors questioned a weak cervix and are measuring my length soon to see if I need a stitch this time round. I
    am terrified that history will repeat itself and would like to know if the stats are different for a second miscarriage if the first was almost 20 weeks!! My GP just thinks that it was rotten bad luck and I’ll be fine this time, but I can’t help but worry. Please help me!!

  11. I keep reading these over and over again. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks 3 days and I will be 5 weeks pretty soon again. I just want to get to six weeks. I think then I will be able to breath easy and not worry so much. It’s weird, because 10% seems so small when you’ve never had a miscarriage, but once you’ve had one it seems like you are doomed to have another. It’s so scary! This is the last time I’m trying, I’m done being worried and scared like this, it’s terrible 🙁

  12. Hi I have had a still birth at 5 months. It was the worst thing having to give birth to our dead baby boy. This was our first pregnancy and the tests done all seem to be negative. What could have caused this? Is there a chance of this happening again? Or can one go on to have a healthy baby? Thanks

  13. I have 3 living healthy children, I am 29 years old and I just had my first misscarriage last month. Now I am pregnant again early one and found out I have overian cyst in both my overies what shoule I do. Should I go ahead and have an abortion before I lose this child or have my health get worse and maybe ever if the child would have deformaties or something would be wrong with the child if I could have it? Please need advise as soon as possible. Thanks

  14. Hi, I’ve had 4 miscarriages in a space of 1 year or so. After my 3rd miscarriage I was given tests but they were all negative, and I was told that my miscarriages were down to badluck. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and terrified. I am on high dose folic acid and low dose aspirin. I have never got this far before and I keep thinking I will miscarry. Even today, I couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat with my doppler and I think I have lost it. It is horrible feeling like this. I just want to enjoy this pregnancy, but I can’t…how can I if I don’t even know if my baby is alive inside me….

  15. well i have reached breaking point, i have tried for a baby for over 3 years now and with all my three pragnancies i miscarried. My first pregnancy i had a still birth in early labour when i was 4 months, my second i miscarried at 3 months and my recent pragnacy i miscarried this week at 3 weeks. I feel hopeless; as i thought it would be easy for me and my partner to conceive because he is 24 yrs old and i am 23.

  16. Close to ten years ago I had a ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the emergency removal of my left fallopian tube (it ruptured). Over the course of 2-3 years I became pregnant and miscarried 4 times. It’s been nearly 7 years and I have not been pregnant. Today I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I went in for the Beta HCG test and will return again on Wednesday. I’m just wondering what the likelihood that this time things might be okay? Long shot…I’m hopeful but it’s sort of subdued hope.

  17. I have had two miscarriages in 8 cycles. One a chemical pregnancy at 7 weeks and second at 9.5 weeks with what appeared to be a healthy pregnancy (doubling hcg and progesterone at 47) but the fetal pole stopped growing and didn’t develop a heartbeat. I am hoping that both of these were caused by random chromosomal issues and we are trying again. I am having some blood tests for low progesterone as I came off the pill and found that I had a 9 day luteul phase. This has now readjusted to 11 days with a 28 day cycle. My skin is the worst it has ever been but its not linked to polycystic ovary syndrome. The hospital won’t do the full set of tests unless I have a third miscarriage but have said that I can access progesterone, baby aspirin and 5mg dose of folic acid next time I get pregnant. I am waiting for the results of the blood tests. I am paranoid that my progesterone is low and I won’t develop a strong enough corpus luteum and will miscarry again. Its difficult not knowing if my miscarriages were random or caused by something specific. I have some progesterone cream but don’t really want to use it – I’d prefer to see what happens. I have faith that this is a natural process and I need to settle in for the long haul and let my body figure it out. At the same time, I am taking 1200mcg of folic acid and 75mg baby aspirin to do what I can and having regular accupuncture, eating, exercising well etc. What a confusing and emotional rollercoaster.

  18. We recently lost our baby boy at 20 weeks over Thanksgiving weekend. It was the most tragic and horrific experience of my life. My husband and I are working through everything together and I appreciate his support so much. I want to commend you on this website. As a healthcare professional, knowing and understanding a lot causes a high level of anxiety. Your website has a way of calming me down. It’s realistic yet empathic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are helping so many people and without this resource, I’d be in a much darker place. Wishing good thoughts and multiple babies for everyone.

  19. Just found out yesturday that the baby has died at 7weeks. i dont know why but am just not believing my doc. i want to go for another scan again 2day to confirm the results.
    is it even possible for me to find diffrent results?

  20. In November of 2011 I suffered a miscarriage at 17 weeks. When I found out I was pregnant I was bleeding (although not as heavy as a normal period) they told me I was fine despite a mild case of bc which they decided not to treat. I bled every month when I normally would get my period, which I heard it happens in some pregnancys. Then the third time I saw blood I decided I needed to make sure. I went to the er where they felt my cervix and it was closed. I also had an u/s and found out my angel was a boy. They told me bleeding happens and to rest. If anything got worse come back. I went home and my fiancé, my mother and I started to come up for theames for a baby shower and names. I started to get a real bad cramp as I was sitting there. Then I felt a snap and I instantly felt my plug come out. We rushed to the ER and I was told it was too late. The baby had entered the birth canal and it was too late. That was approximately 3 hours AFTER they told me my baby boy was fine. Landon Robert Dunn never got to take his first breath. After testing they concluded that the baby besides being too little to survive, was perfectly normal. It made me feel like a failure because my baby boy was perfect. It was my fault. My body’s fault. I had failed him. They never really gave me an answer or a reason. They just said next time I’ll be a high risk pregnancy and that I should get a stitch to prevent my cervix from opening again. 3 months later we are still healing. It gets a little easier everyday but I will never forget my baby boy and te joy he brought to my life. Even if it was just for a short 17 weeks. Now 2 months from my due date and despite me taking birth control pills we are expecting again! I’m actually due around the same time I had my miscarriage. We are at about week 5 now and it’s so early I don’t want to get excited. I couldn’t go through that heart break again. Especially so soon. This time there is no bleeding once so ever. This being only 3 months since my miscarriage and d&c is my body ready to carry again? And if so what are the chances of carrying to full term. It happened so late in the pregnancy last Time who’s to say it won’t happen again? I just moved cross country so I’m still working on insurance issues and getting a OB doctor that deals with high risk pregnancys. I was seen at the er and everything looks good so far. They said the fact I’m not bleeding is a good sign. Are they right? Can I believe them and relax a little or is nothing safe until I’m almost full term? Please help!!! -anxious&hurt

  21. Hi, I’ve had 3 miscarriages in a space of 2 year or so. After my 3rd miscarriage I was given tests but they were all negative, and I was told that my miscarriages were down to badluck. I am currently 1 weeks pregnant and terrified. I have never got this far before and I keep thinking I will miscarry. Even today, I couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat with my doppler and I think I have lost it. It is horrible feeling like this. I just want to enjoy this pregnancy, but I can’t…how can I if I don’t even know if my baby is alive inside me….

  22. Well I myself hav had 2 miscarriages 1 last august an where I was 15 wks an had a traumatic an shockin mc an then in jan this year I found out I was expecting again which I was very very happy about bt goin 4 my 12 wk scan there was no heartbeat an the baby died @ 10 wks 5 days which was heart breakin an again I feel like a failure. I had a minor op to et the baby out lost a lot of blood bt was ok an went home the same day wiv cramps an minor bleedin! I am jus soooo sad by all this it is heart breakin 4 me an my partner an I jus want to start tryin again asap as that’s alll I want more than ever is a baby to hold I thought this tome was gonna be diffrent bt was nt meant to be ! I had my op 5 days ago an jus wann start tryin again asap an I pray to god I gt to carry my nxt baby full term good luck to all u ladys wiv ur tryin tooo let’s all keep our heads up @ these low low partys of life .xx

  23. Any advice or stories that hav a happy endin will be d to hear as I jus need to no weather any1 else has ggone on to hav a healthy baby strait after 2 mcs xxxx

  24. To Claire:
    I have a happy ending story (so far). My first pregnancy (at 29) resulted in a miscarriage (for no apparent reason) which cleaned out naturally, no intervention was necessary. We were advised to wait three full cycles, but I got pregnant after my first period. Our fantastic little girl is almost 1 year old now, she is amazing, her development, both physical and intellectual, is a real pleasure to look at – she’s way ahead all other children of her age. So hang in there, girls!
    Now I’m pregnant again (4 weeks), and I must admit I’m almost as anxious as I was after my first miscarriage – it is so hard to forget. I hope we have a healthy pregnancy.
    God bless you all.

  25. I am 35. My boyfriend is 45. I got pregnant at the end of October 2011, miscarried around Thanksgiving (November) 2011 at 5 weeks. My cycle returned in January. I got pregnant again around April 13-15 and went to the bathroom today…blood. I am about a day shy of being 5 weeks 🙁 This will be the third miscarriage (I had one in 2005 at 5 weeks). I want to have at least one more child, but at this point it seems like I may not be able to sustain a pregnancy. I have a 9 year old and a 4 year old, so I’ve had live births before. Just wanted to share my story.

  26. Ive had 4 m/c’s in a row starting from june 2007 to may 2010. My husband and I had all the testing done after the 3rd m/c. Everything came back normal and I was told it was bad luck. Then a year later I m/c for the 4th time and I was sure I just couldn’t have children. Then in december of 2010 I found out I was pregnant for the 5th time. Started bleeding at 6.5 weeks. But the bleeding only lasted 4 days so I went in for an u/s at 8 weeks. I saw my babys heartbeat for the first time, which was something I had never experienced before. My son was born 3 days after my due date perfectly big healthy. The point of my story is. NEVER GIVE UP! (Currently 6 weeks pregnant with number 2 and extremely hopeful)

  27. 8 pregnancies. 2 live births.
    Currently 9 weeks pregnant with HB @ 170

    Looking good this time.

    I have had a lot of miscarriages BUT I am proof that it is still possible 🙂 Keep your chin up guys 🙂

  28. Janine, have testing done? In what order did your births and losses come? Like m/c live birth m/c m/c..

  29. I am a mother of one beautiful 5 year old little girl. I stopped taking birth control pills because i had gained 35 pounds that I didn’t want to keep. My husband and i decided we would use the pull out method because we had effectively used it for 6 years before conceiving our daughter. However the next month on fathers day we found out we would be a family of four, and our daughter would get what she wished on the stars for, her own little baby. However a week later I started having horrible cramps and some red spotting, we went to the ER and they said my HCG was 138 so I was no more than 4 weeks pregnant. This was on a Thursday so I had to wait until Monday for another HCG check, and I waited all day dreading what they would call and say. No matter what positive things I was trying to think I already felt like the baby was gone. I never knew how emotionally draining this would be and my heart truly goes out to women who have to experience it once, let alone multiple times. All I can think of is weather or not we will be lucky enough to be blessed with another healthy child. I go to see a midwife on Monday and hope she can ease some of my fears. The part that breaks my heart the most is we told our daughter. She is ex tactic and keeps asking if the baby loves my pancakes or if its watching the movie with us. Neither I nor my husband can bare to break the news to her. 🙁 I hope I can be brave enough to try again!!

  30. Hi – I am not sure if anyone can give me some advice – my story is a little long so if you manage to make it through thank you for your time.

    My husband and started IVF in 2008 for genetic testing purposes (he has a rare condition that we were hoping to not passion to our kids). At 32 and with no known fertility issues the drs believed I would be pregnant in no time. After 6 cycles, of which we only got to transfer twice due to my poor egg quality and low ovarian reserve, we had pretty much given up. After starting our 7th cycle a blood test picked my lh surge and lo and behold we conceived naturally. When my little girl was 6 months and despite fully Breastfeeding my periods returned. One month later we decided to try again naturally – my son was born 8 months later. He is now 15 months and several months ago we started ttc our 3rd – in April we got our bfp only to miscarry at 8 weeks – bubs had stopped growing at 5 1/2 weeks. The miscarriage was natural and seemed complete – bled for 10 days – after a couple of weeks I took a first response early hpt to check that my hcg was back to 0 – it came up negative – roughly when my period was due I took another test and got a feint line – testing every day for the next week the line got darker then suddenly became feint and af arrived 5 weeks after my miscarriage started. Thinking I may have conceived again and had a chemical pregnancy I went to the drs and had a bt – hcg was 0. That month when my period was due I again tested positive with the line getting darker every morning for several mornings only to then become feint and af to show up gain a few days late. So now I have had 3 early (very) miscarriages in a row and am wondering if something is wrong. I feel so confused after my history – any thoughts would be appreciated

  31. Well, I lost my 5th child a couple of weeks after my first post. 6 pregnancies 5 losses. I hate that this is “normal” for me and that I actually have come to expect it. I hate that I can’t be excited to find out iam pregnant like everyone else around me. I hate feeling like a dud. I hate letting my husband down (even though he would never say he was). I hate being that person ppl feel sorry for. And most of all I hate feeling sorry for myself. But the truth is, I will keep trying because I can’t give up on my next miracle. It happened once and it will happen again. Never give up and stay strong ladies, just remember you are not alone 🙂

  32. Hiya I had a miscarriage when I was 16 since then I had 2 children and 3 months ago I had a ectopic pregnancy they removed my left Fallopian tube and told me my other tube was unhealthy and thatbi had 5% chance of having a baby I found out the other day I was pregnant and I must be 4 weeks as that’s the only time I had sex after my ectopic pregnancy I had no pain or anything last time or bleeding and the same this time I’m so scared has and one experienced this before as I really carnt go thro surgery again thanks

  33. Is the miscarriage rate higher is someone who is disabled? I didn’t see anything on this site for pregnancy with disability. I am a paraplegic and just found out I am about 8-9 weeks pregnant. Nerve wracking. Just wondering if there is any facts or info I can read up on.

  34. I have had 2 live births my first was 25 weeks early during my 2nd pregnancy I bled a lot and heavy passing big clots but I still had a healthy baby boy in july I found out I was pregnant 3 yrs after I had my youngest child in july I had a dnc because I miscarried I was bleeding kinda heavy passing decent sice clots and tissues 3 months later I’m pregnant again I started spotting had a ultra sound internal 2 weeks ago measured about 6-7 weeks hr of 125-127 in still bleeding a very little my ovaries feel sore n I passed tissue bout the size of a dime I’m not bleeding as much as I was when I had my previous miscarriage or passing any clots n not in hardly any pain my ovaries jus feel sore and I always have problems with cysts on my ovaries what’s is going on? Am I having a miscarriage again? I go for another ultra sound tomorrow I’m jus really nervous and scared is this a miscarriage?

  35. I just had my first miscarriage after one child.
    When I brought up that my Husband and I would be trying again asap. The Dr. stated, “Well you can pretty much count on having another miscarriage because women who have had one miscarriage pretty much have a second”….
    I was STUNNED! What a rude you-know-what/and callous, I just miscarriage 2 days ago. She wasn’t a OB/GYN but still! That’s what I get for being on county insurance, next time I should be able to get medicaid. I guess she also thinks that anyone over 35 shouldn’t get pregnant either, she stated, “Well you DO know you’re HIGH RISK don’t you?!?!” RUDE!!!!!!!!

  36. I have 3 healthy children, then last year i missed carried at just over 6 weeks. I am now just over 5 weeks pregnant and panic every single day that it is going to happen again.

  37. I had a miscarriage at 22weeks5days in 2009 evr since I was scared then in 2010 tried again nd @ 5weeks was diagnosed with eptopic pregnancy. Then last year I went 2 da doctor they dd a scan on my uterus nd tubes nd found dat all looks normal. dis year i fell pregnant again nd 2day m 18weeks5days wat scares me is da fact dat wat if I myt miscarry again at 22weeks, gosh I just pray 2 god that nothing happens 2 my baby I’d die dis tym is it possible 2 miscarry the third tym though!!!!!

  38. I had a miscarriage at 22weeks5days in 2009 evr since I was scared then in 2010 tried again nd @ 5weeks was diagnosed with false eptopic pregnancy. Dat turned out 2 b incomplete miscarriage Then last year I went 2 da doctor they dd a scan on my uterus nd tubes nd found dat all looks normal. dis year i fell pregnant again nd 2day m 18weeks5days wat scares me is da fact dat wat if I myt miscarry again at 22weeks, gosh I just pray 2 god that nothing happens 2 my baby I’d die dis tym is it possible 2 miscarry the third tym though!!!!!

  39. Hi my names is Justice,
    I had a miscarriage about 1year ago, i was extremely hurt.. I did Not wait to long after to have sex i believe it was maybe two or three days after MC i wanted to be pregnant so i started trying asap my docter told me when i was ready i could try to conceive again.. But now itz a year later and im still not pregnant ;( im wondering if i damaged myself by having sex to soon after i MC? I have two children already im 25 years old ready for my third baby & itz driving me crazy… I need answers…

  40. I had a blighted ovum at the end of January 5+4. This would have been my second child. My first pregnancy was perfect and I have been blessed with my beautiful daughter. I have just fount out today that I am pregnant again so soon after the last. I am petrified that this one will go wrong as well. Has anybody had any similar stories? Thank you x

  41. I am an older mom with a long history. I miscarried my first pregnancy at 9 weeks without ever detecting a FHB. Since then over a span of 20 years I’ve had 6 successful live births. I am so grateful for these children. However, the journey has been difficult. I lost every other pregnancy up until 2 years ago. Then at 36 yrs old I experienced 5 consecutive losses.
    In total I’ve survived 7 first trimester losses, 3 second trimester losses, and this November the 39 week stillbirth of my daughter.
    I am now 39 yrs old, and with the same husband I conceived my first pregnancy with. We ache for our children. I am now 9.5 weeks pregnant with a child that has a strong FHB. Curious if there are statistics for women like me.
    All testing has shown negative, we do have healthy children. Our loss has been extraordinary,and the statistics have mocked me.
    I want to hope, but am so fearful. This child is due 11 months after my daughter’s stillbirth.

  42. I need prayers ! ! !
    I have 4 children 14,12,10 and 8 I am only 29 30 next month but right now I’m 8 weeks and bleeding slight cramps, I don’t know how to feel as this would be my 3rd miscarriage in 11 months. My kids are not my current husbands and all of us got our hopes up so much thinking 3rd times a charm :'(

  43. Had a miscarriage 1 year ago it was my first pregnancy just found out today I am pregnant again, very scared but have FAITH God will see me through.

  44. Ive had 3 misscariages now i had one 11yrs ago n went on to have 3 children ive now had 2 misscariages in the past six months im really frightned to try again the first ws at five weeks second ws at 9 weeks and i had even seen the heart beat at 7 weeks can any one help plz 🙁

  45. Hi, i had a question that im hoping you can answer for me. I had my first miscarriage back on march 28, 2013. Its been 4 months since it happened. I just found that im 4 weeks 2 days pregnant. I have 3 other children ages 7,6 and 7 months. My husband and i are completely terrified that this pregnancy will miscarry like the last 1 did. I guess my question is, what are my chances roughly of another miscarriage? We’re crossing our fingers hoping for a girl since our other 3 are all boys.

  46. I had two miscarriages 4 years ago 9 months apart. The first one I was 9 weeks 4 days no heartbeat. The second one was 4 weeks no baby just the sac. I’m now 8 weeks 2 days pregnant I heard the heart beat the day I turned 8 weeks. The baby measured 8 weeks and the heart beat was a strong and steady 175bpm. What are my chances of miscarriage now? Come on 12 weeks hurry up somy percentage will drop.

  47. Not sure if you are still responding. I have had a baby, then had 3 miscarriages. One at 18 weeks, 2 at 5 weeks. Then we had a baby. Then we had a miscarriage at 18 weeks. They can find nothing wrong. Any thoughts? We would like to try again – but am quite nervous. The late miscarriages are very hard.

  48. Hi I’ve never written on any websites like this I just can’t see any other way of maybe getting answers I’m 22 years old now, when I was 17 I fell pregnant and had a miscarriage at 9 weeks after getting in the middle of a fight between my now ex boyfriend and one of his “friends” since then I had a boyfriend of 3 years and we had unprotected sex regularly maybe even everyday and I didn’t fall pregnant again. I went to the doctors and they told me I had endometriosis and Polysistic ovaries and that I couldn’t fall pregnant though my period is regular every 28 days give or take… we split up because I got depressed and didn’t want to know anybody, in September of last year I started with my current boyfriend after he helped me get thought my depression and dissapointnent that I couldn’t conceive again and in December last year new years eve I had a miscarriage and the depression came back we worked threw it and we’ve been having unprotected sex ever since and I haven’t fell pregnant again I don’t know what to do please can somebody help? Will I be able to have children? Thank you

  49. I am 36 years. Old. I have had one tube and ovary removed due to ectopic than was misdiagnosed. I am rh negative and did not receive a shot tho we were a little busy with keeping me alive and all. Since then then 3 miscarriages. The last was only three days ago. I was told I should atop trying for my own well-being.that I can deal with I think. I just want to say I with I had been so informed and am so glad to see how many of you have been and I know that makes chances for baby so much higher. I wish all of you luck and prayers. Everyone should get to know their blood type and get informed before trying for baby. The risk may be small. But it is still there None the less. Take no chances you can never be to prepared.

  50. Hello ladies,
    Im maria. 24 years old I recently lost my baby boy at 17weeks due to hemorrhage and a blister on the placenta. I had the baby 12-19-14. But me and my husband want to try again but Im scared. How long should wait? Anyone with any information email me please

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