A new endeavor

I hope women from my web site as well as others who find this blog via searching for information about miscarriage and stillbirth will come along this journey with me–a book that will hopefully both inform and provide a complete context for surviving the days, weeks, months, and years following a loss.

I will begin structuring the novel in October and the actual writing will commence on November 1 as part of National Novel Writing Month.

2 thoughts on “A new endeavor

  1. I’m so glad you are doing this! People need to know what we go thru! And how to respond. It’s such a touchy subjet for some and yet most want to know what others have been through. I know it helps to ease my burden to know I’m not alone. Blessings on this endeavor! Naomi Brunk

  2. What a wonderful idea! A book about miscarriage that includes EVERYTHING!! Not just the technical information, but the affects it has on your everyday life. The little things that you just weren’t prepared for. REAL women going through REAL tragedy and how they cope with it (or don’t).

    I LOVE IT!!!!

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