As Mother’s Day Approaches

I know it can be a hard day. Every marquee at every restaurant touts it. Sentimental commercials broadcast emotion. Your inbox swells with gift suggestions. The grocery store explodes with floral arrangements.

And here you are. Your baby isn’t here. You expected a swelling belly, or maybe even the bundle to be here. Or like me, maybe yours should have been scrawling crayoned rainbows on handmade cards by now.

But, you feel you have nothing.

Think of this way:

  • Did you feel joy when you learned you were pregnant?
  • Did you plan and hope and dream about the day your baby would arrive?
  • Did you want nothing more than a happy, healthy little one?

How is this different than every other mother? Are mothers whose children die full grown any less mothers because their children are no longer here? Of course not.

You are a mother. You were the bearer of that baby’s future. You brought this baby into the world, however it happened, at four weeks gestation, or full term, in a gush of blood and pain just like every mother does.

Don’t believe for a moment that everything out there isn’t talking about you. It is. And even more so, because you have born a grief that could destroy a mother’s hope–the loss of her child–and you have survived.

It’s your day. Take it to remember your baby. And send up a quiet word of thanks to your own mother, wherever she may be.

6 thoughts on “As Mother’s Day Approaches

  1. I am 15 years old n ever since i lost my mom i always longed for somthin in my life n i had a boyfriend dat i loved very much but we didnt seem to get along very well but we had sex…alot because i knew i was in love we didnt use protection and i didnt like takein brith control…we broke up and he hooked up wit my best friend but with out her knowing we still had a thing one night it was me and him and his friend we all decide to get drunk and he left my house when he came back i was completely gone we got into a huge fight and he grabed me by my hair until i started crying…i finally fell asleep when i woke up that next morin i had horrible pains in my stomach i decided to go to school and didnt tell anyone…after my first hour i descovered that i was bleeding very heavy and just figured it was my peiord and tried my hardest to go on with the day well i could barely stand it then my friend brought it to my attention that these were signs of a miscarriage and earlyer that month i had mentioned i thought i could be preg. after a lot of bleeding and so much pain i didnt feel that i should tell anyone because my friend had told me she knew a girl who had a miscarriage and she was just fine so eli (my babies daddy) got locked up for messin around and doin sum stupid stuff i realized that it would be best not to tell him and keep it to myself i didnt need anymore humiliousion than i already had well its been almost a month now and i thought i would be fine until i started bleedin again after hoping that i was accepting again and i think i saw the baby it was very little and dark sournded my a lot of blood and even though i wasnt very far a long i still feel like nothin could ever take this pain away and to know that i almost mothered a child is heart breaking because there was never a doubt in my mind what my plans were and after seein what i think was the baby after bleeding both times i feel like i keep loseing parts of me..I will never look at life the same!

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