Our Newest Beautiful Angel

About a year ago, I redesigned this site. I wanted to create the most beautiful ever image of an infant lying on a cloud as an angel, but I didn’t have just the right baby yet–one small and fragile and gently sleeping–to represent our lost babies.

In March, some dear friends of mine gave birth to twins after many many years of trying to conceive. We were all so thrilled for them.

They came for images when the babies were still only a few weeks old, and baby Corey was so tiny (born at 5 pounds) and curled up that I knew she would make the perfect angel image. I gently asked my friends if I could use her, and they agreed. 

The little girls grew over the months and on the Fourth of July, they sent out the cutest little patriotic shots of the twins in their holiday duds.

On July 5, about the time many of us were looking at those images of the girls, the twins’ wonderful and caring in-home babysitter laid them down for their nap.

Baby Corey never woke up. After an autopsy and toxicology report, they could find no cause of death, so she was ruled as one of the 2200 SIDS deaths that happen each year in the US.

Her parents have lovingly agreed all the more that she is just the baby to serve as our ambassador, our sweet respresentative, here to guide our lost babies from this world into the next. I will be incorporating her into the Facts about Miscarriage Site as I make changes.

Rest well, sweet Corey. 


March-July, 2007

16 thoughts on “Our Newest Beautiful Angel

  1. May God bless this family! So many of us never got to see what our babies have looked like, and this is a wonderfully amazing image to put with our angels as well.
    Thank you so much and I am so sorry that you have had to lose your perfect angel baby!

  2. Oh my, that is very sad and took me completely off guard. I pray blessings and peace for the family. What a wonderful photo to have, and I am so glad it was taken before their loss. Tragic…


  3. she is so beautiful and i am so sad that she could be taken from her family. rest in peace little angel.

  4. Rest in peace sweet angel. May you play in the gardens of heaven with all of our little angels. May you watch over your sister and family. My prayers and thoughts go out your mommy and daddy.

  5. As I sit here losing my own baby… I look at this baby and she brings me peace knowing my child will be in Heaven too …. knowing she might bring my baby comfort til I make it home.. To the family… I am so sorry for your loss… and I am so sorry you are going thru the times you are.. just know she is BEAUTIFUL and has touched my heart so …….God Bless.. Misty

  6. what a beautiful picture, it must be a bittersweet one for the family. i am so sorry for their loss, and their angel gives us vision of the life of our sleeping angels. i am glad they were still willing to share such a beautiful vision with us. again sorry for what you have lost, sh too has touche dmy heart.


  7. god bless all of the babys that where to specail to be birthed into our world , i pray they are with all there familys in heven, sweet corey ur one of the most beauitiful things that i have ever sean , so much love to ur mummy and daddy xxx helen (loughborough),

  8. I’m so, so sorry for the loss of baby Corey. I recently lost my baby to miscarriage at 8 weeks. Even though I still feel very sad, I’m glad Coreywas there to my angel and guide her to her grandpa, great grandpa and great great grandmother. My baby Rachel is in the best hands possible and I’m sure baby Corey is to.

  9. I have a really hard time reading this story and yet I’m still drawn to the picture of sweet Corey. I’m so sorry for this family’s loss

  10. This brings tears to my eyes as I imagine my four angels resting in heaven just as Corey rests in this gorgeous picture. I too am very sorry for your loss.

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