Our Candlelighting

I’m so pleased that so many new Mamas learned about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and participated. Some went well above and beyond to notify local news media and get the word out in earnest.

Tomorrow I’ll put the site back in its usual configuration, which is to place Frequently Asked Questions right here front and first-read, but for one more day we’ll think about what this candle lighting means and the day we got to stop and revisit our loss, spend time with our babies, and let the grief flow.

Today I got to tell Emily and Elizabeth about the babies who died in Mama’s tummy, and Emily started to understand. (Elizabeth still thought lighting the floating candles and setting them out in Town Lake was “great fun.”)

I’ll leave you with the image of us here in Austin, lighting our candles on this special day for our babies.


3 thoughts on “Our Candlelighting

  1. It’s my 1st visit to this website &i was touched of what i saw & read. I had a miscarriage after 5 months of pregnancy. it has been 20 days since i lost my baby girl,& i can’t be strong or happy& i feel so down.
    I just want to share my sad story,and wish u all the best. it’s very beautifull picture & i will share it with many friends and memorize the mentioned date

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