Sympathy Cards

Ever since all the e-card nightmares where scammers were sending emails saying “You have a greeting card from a friend” but it was really just phishing for your private information, I’ve wondered about the e-cards I’ve offered for a long time to give women who have had a miscarriage, and if anyone uses them any more.

Recently I discovered Red Bubble, which is an online art company where artists can offer their works to the public. I love it there. It’s such a neat community.

But mainly I wanted to create greeting cards for people to give someone who has suffered a loss, one especially that would be a keepsake, since we all know how few of those we get. So I finally did. And it’s up. I put it on Red Bubble because they are the least espensive as well. I could offer it to pretty close to what you could buy a nice card in a store for.

Anyway, hopefully it will be one more thing that raises awareness, and helps.

You can see it here.

Deanna’s Card

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