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In the Company of Angels, the baby record book for our angels lost to miscarriage or stilbirth, is almost final and will head to galley proof stage very soon. I’m so excited about it. I’ve always wanted to have a book to fill out for my baby even though I never got to see him in person.

Sometimes it seems as though life gives you the skills and experiences to do the one thing you were meant to do. And I think the path that lead me to this book was that:

  • to decide against journalism as a career
  • to teach journalism instead and to sponsor the school yearbook
  • to learn darkroom and photography in order to teach it
  • to embark on a photography career when I left teaching after the loss of my first baby

It all comes back around to having the ability to make the images for this book, and to have the lovely little clients to pose for it. And to know a community I can share it with.

I am blessed.

See images at the Facebook page for the publisher.

You can also watch the video trailer for the book.

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