Dia de los Muertos

At the candle lighting last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah Silk Kapasi, an artist local to Austin. She let me know that as part of the Mexic-Arte museum’s Dia de los Muertos exhibit, she would be putting together an altar for babies lost to miscarriage and stillbirth.

Hannah lost two babies to stillbirth in less than a year. I visited her altar at the exhibit, where she had tributes not only to her children, but also let visitors add to chains of bracelets with the names and dates of their own babies.

So many wonderful and proud mamas are doing great work to help get miscarriage out of our secret lives and into the open, where we can talk about it without discomfort.

See more pictures.

3 thoughts on “Dia de los Muertos

  1. I have Mexican backgorunds and let me tell you that this wonderfull, is nice to see someone that think about our lost babies this way.
    I lost my baby boy at 18 weeks back in July of this year I also put a little altar for my baby and it is nice to show this type of traditions to all people outthere.


  2. This is amazing!! I miscarried October 11th, and I asked Hannah to add my Lula’s name to the exhibit. She told me she did, but I never got a chance to go down and see it in person. (I live in Austin) I just happened to come look at your website today, and low and behold, not only do you have excellent pictures of the alter/exhibit, you actually have a picture of the bracelet with Lula’s name. What are the odds?! Thank you thank thank you so much. That made me feel so wonderful.

  3. On November 26, 2009 I delivered my 39 week stillbirth baby boy Alejandro C. Ramos, my pregnancy was going really good, but on that Wed. before Thanksgiving Day we received the news that our precoius baby boy wasn’t alive any longer! Im trying cope with the grieving process but it’s really dificult. I see know that their’s lots of parents out there going thru this this very moment or will go thru it in the next day’s or week’s. This is a great support for us, as parents of our baby Alex, who’s in heaven and shine’s on us as a star in the sky at night’s.

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