Managing the holidays after loss

So many of you are writing me lately. I don’t mind at all, but I do worry about the sudden increase in despairing moms who have lost their babies during what is supposed to be a happy time of the year. The joy and laughter around us can make us feel more isolated and alone. Remember you do not have to put on a brave face, and you can take time away from the big groups to remember what you have lost.

I have a whole section on managing the holidays, but mainly, just do the best you can. It’s all anyone can ask.

A little video reminding us that it is okay to grieve:

Casey Shay Press is the publisher of In the Company of Angels, a memorial book for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth.

3 thoughts on “Managing the holidays after loss

  1. I wanted to tell other sad moms about the Baby Bunny Memorial site. I ran it a couple years ago for over 10 years and had to close due to problems but this Christmas felt called to bring it back even if it meant re-doing all the files I lost. It is a free site, no charge to place a memorial in memory of your baby. I lost five babies myself (4 to miscarriage, 1 stillbirth). The site offers memorials and also virtual gifts to place on your memorial whenever you want, especially during the holidays. I hope this helps other sad moms. Be at peace. Our babies are in heaven!

  2. This site is the best I have read on miscarriage, I lost my baby at 14.5 weeks two months ago and this site has been wonderful.
    the descriptions of how one feels after the loss describes my feelings exactly.
    I cried when I read it cos it was kike reading about myself…the medical information was also very reassuring.

    Thanks so much xxxx

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