Change your Facebook Status on Oct. 15

Okay mamas of angel babies, before you go to bed tonight, change your Facebook profile picture to this!

It’s in support of Faces of Loss, and Friday, Oct. 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. If you want to be an official supporter, go to and make your $1 donation, but otherwise, just right-click the image above and “save as” to put on your profile. Or nab another image at There are supporter badges too, including blue ones. Here’s a pink supporter badge:

Have a blessed and peaceful Remembrance Day.

3 thoughts on “Change your Facebook Status on Oct. 15

  1. I have not seen my kind of miscarriage in your questions section….I had a missed miscarriage. Check out my blog post “harsh sorrow to put it lightly”….

  2. I’d just like to say thank you to this site, it has been the best one ive read so far on miscarriage and has given me all the answers to my questions, its been extremly helpfull and I know im starting to heal emotionally after my very recent miscarriage. Even though i dont know why it happened, i know it wasn’t my fault and am blessed witht he baby girl i already have and will be ready to try again in a month. thank you

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