Special e-cards for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a really tough day for a lot of people.  I blog about the holidays all the time (read some here).

I know many of you this year were expecting a baby, but tragedy struck, and this Mother’s Day will be spent in grief rather than celebration.

Other Moms will be celebrating with their children, but lost their own moms or grandmothers this last year, making this the first Mother’s Day without them. I lost two grandmothers last fall myself.

I’m asking everyone I know to reach out fellow grieving moms on Mother’s Day in a very simple way.

I have designed several digital cards that recognize that Mother’s Day often comes with mixed feelings. These cards emphasize peace and love for those who may not feel joyous on the holiday this year.

So choose the one that you think fits that person in your life who may be having a bittersweet Mother’s Day. Then right click to Save As and email it this weekend.

Feel free to upload them to Facebook if that’s where your friends are.

They are also already uploaded on Facebook if you just want to use the “share” feature. Find them on one of these pages

My Personal Facebook Page (You don’t have to be my “friend” to see them, but feel free to friend me!)

A Place for Our Angels Facebook Page

Casey Shay Press Facebook Page

And bloggers, feel free to post them in your own blog posts to help them spread. They are free to use for personal use.

Even if you aren’t close to some of your Facebook friends, take note if you saw things happening to them this year. Do something. Remember. Reach out. It’s amazing what a difference such a simple thing can make.

5 thoughts on “Special e-cards for Mother’s Day

  1. One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received on Mother’s Day was from a “secret sister” one year. She knew I’d recently lost a baby and she sent me a Mother’s Day card “from” that baby. It touched me so greatly & I cherish it so much.

  2. I would like to thankyou so much for allowing me to share your beautiful E-Cards on my Angel memories Facebook page…im an angel mummy 3 little stars & Bethany was delivered at 18 weeks gestation in Dec 1990 & Ella-Mae was delivered at 25+2 & survived for 3 precious day in NICU in June 2006… I make personalised babyloss & health awareness jewellery, First Impression baby sculpts & other items…i know for many that this 18th March 2012 in the UK~Mothers Day will be hard for many, but having these to share will definately brighten up some special angel mummy’s days…thankyou again x

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