If you wish you’d had more information after your loss, here’s your chance to change things

Kristin over at Faces of Loss is just 14 positions away from earning a $25,000 grant from Pepsi to get booklets printed up and sent to hospitals. If she makes her goal, when a mom goes to the ER with a miscarriage or stillbirth, she will go home with information.

How often can you influence things–actually make a difference. How often can you take what has happened to you and turn it into something that helps someone else?

Today you can.

It’s so easy. Vote. As I write this, Kristin is in position 29. A GREAT acheivement. But she has to be in the top 15 to get the grant.

Voting is free and easy. In fact, if you are on Facebook, it takes maybe 20 seconds to click over, log in using Facebook, and cast your vote. If you are not on Facebook, fill in a little information for Pepsi so you can vote.

Here’s where to go:


You can vote every day. If you drink Pepsi already, you can “Power Vote.” There are codes inside the packaging on Pepsi that gets you bonus votes.

Please, go do this. It’s so simple, and will make an incredible difference in thousans of women’s lives.

Thank you. Really, thank you.

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