I need YOUR voice in the Baby Dust book trailer

I am in the process of making a book trailer for my new novel Baby Dust, which is about a pregnancy loss support group, and I need YOU!

A book trailer is like a movie trailer, and it gives you a feel for the experience of reading the book.

Because Baby Dust is based on the real-life stories of several dozen baby loss moms, I wanted to use the voice of mothers in the book trailer.

(You can read the first chapter of the book HERE!)

We’d LOVE to have you participate. Here is a video explaining the process, and the list of questions are below. (You may need to crank your volume–the video turned out a little quiet! Gah!)

First, decide how you are going to record yourself.
The easiest ways are your cell phone or web cam.
Most modern cameras can also record video. I can pull your voice from the video and discard the images.

Choose a place. Now, listen.
Are there dogs barking? Lawn mowers? A TV? What might get in the background and make your audio unusable? If you hear something, move somewhere else.

Now read over the questions and form the answers in your head.

Question 1: Who are you?
Just a first name. Use this sentence:
My name is ____(Madonna)_______.

Question 2: Where do you live?
Just say the City/State/Province/Country. Whatever works.

Question 3: How many miscarriages have you had?
Just say the number
One. Two. Three. Etc.

Question 4: How far along were you?
If you’ve only had one loss, answer with a single time frame, something like
Six weeks.
Three months.
Full term.

If you’ve had several losses, give a number and a range. Like this:
I’ve lost three babies ranging from four to seven weeks.
I’ve lost two babies ranging from six weeks to five months.
I’ve lost four babies ranging from five weeks to a full-term stillbirth.
I’ve lost three babies ranging from five months to a premature baby who lived sixteen hours.

Question 5: Tell me one thing that really helped you get through your loss. For example:
My friends were what got me through.
My husband was the most amazing strength for me.
I couldn’t have gotten through it without the women I met online.
God. He was the only thing that got me through.
(Make it yours. Keep it to one sentence.)

Question 6: Tell me one thing about this loss you will never forget (good or difficult). For example:
My two-year-old patted my belly before we left for the hospital to say goodbye.
My mother-in-law told me to get over it.
I had to sit in the emergency room for four hours.
I held the baby in my hand, and he was so small.
(Make it yours. Try to keep it to one or two sentences.)

Question 7: Tell me one thing you’d like to see change about loss. For example:
I wish doctors would really listen to us.
I want hospitals to be more compassionate.
There really needs to be more research into late-term stillbirths.
I need for family and friends to let me talk about my baby.
I just want people to understand.
I don’t want to have to hide what happened to me.
(Make it yours. One sentence.)

Time to get me the file.
The easiest way is to record it on your cell phone and then “Share” the file via email to this address:
You can also upload it to Facebook or G+ or any social media and send an email with a link to it.

You can also record it with your web cam on your computer and email the file. Or you can use a digital camera and email the file.

To be considered for the book trailer, I have to have your file by Thursday, Aug. 18.

THANK YOU! I can’t wait to hear your voice!


The trailer is DONE! Go see it!

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