Blog spotlight: Caring for Carleigh and anencephaly

Many amazing bloggers have stepped forward and agreed to spotlight my novel Baby Dust, and Holly, the mother of Carleigh, was one of the first.

Holly learned Carleigh had a condition called anencephaly, where the baby grows without a brain, during a routine ultrasound. She continued to carry Carleigh and was induced at 37 weeks. Sweet Carleigh died during labor and was born still, and so beautiful, a real treasure.

You can learn so much about anencephaly and Holly’s journey before, during, and after her pregnancy with Carleigh at her blog.

In Baby Dust, my character Dot was not given the choice to carry her anencephalic baby to term. The situation can depend completely on the doctor’s practice. I have learned from women who have gone through it, some doctors will insist on immediate termination or induction. Others will strongly urge your to carry to term. You may not know how to make the choice if it is offered.

Holly’s experiences are well written and comforting to read. If you have found this page by searching for anencephaly, I urge you to visit hers

Holly’s Blog Home Page

Holly’s Story of Carleigh

Holly’s comments on Baby Dust

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