Mother’s Day Give Away #2

So many things out in the world are there just to help Baby Loss Moms. I’m always amazed by the talent and love that so many mothers put into their art. Some highlights

Sculpture by D.  Antonia Truesdale.

Angel Lullabies by Amy Robbins-Wilson.

And of course for Give Away #1, the poems by Nicole Breit. Did you comment to try and win a copy? GO!

I watch over all these things, and last year, added my own book to the mix, Baby Dust.

So today’s give away will be a copy of Baby Dust. The winner can get a paperback copy or the ebook for an ereader.

The book follows five women on their pregnancy loss journeys.

Melinda is 35 and has two step children, but lost her first baby in the first trimester.

Dot is 27 and discovered at 20 weeks that her baby had no brain.

Tina is 17 and went into labor at 19 weeks. Her baby lived for 40 minutes.

Janet is 32 and ended up with a molar pregnancy, which can become invasive cancer.

Stella is 44 and had 2 first trimester losses and multiple failed IVF. She never had children.

Comment to win a copy! I will probably give away several. I have to empty out this closet before I start trying again myself at the ripe age of 42!

The book trailer features the stories of several women from around the world. Double click to see it larger.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Give Away #2

  1. This is my second Mother’s Day, but the first year, all I had were the ashes of my son norm at 24 weeks and dead 40 days later. We now have his 3-month old brother. I often feel conflicted, like I shouldn’t be fully enjoying the moments with baby 2, because I should always be sad missing baby 1.

  2. Im a mother of 4 Children 3 here with me and 1 Angel in Heaven. My Angel Baby was born asleep April 30th 2012 and we laid him to rest just a few days ago
    5-9-12 I am crushed my heart is broken. I cry all the time and am so lost.

  3. Thanks Deanna for all that you do. You take your valuable time to help many women out. I commend and thank u.

  4. Thank you for your kindness. I spent so much time on this website almost a year ago when I lost my second pregnancy. It offered me some kind of peace when everything else was so horrible.

  5. This is my First Mother’s Day with an angel. My angel was born 3/2/12 at 22 1/2 weeks. She did not have kidneys or a bladder.

  6. Congratulations Sherry for winning this book! I’ll be in contact with you by email!

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