Mother’s Day Give Away #3

Comment on this post to win a copy of In the Company of Angels: A Memorial Book on Mother’s Day (US holiday, May 13.)

This book is designed just like a traditional baby book, but it is meant for our babies who did not live to be born, or who died very shortly after birth. Unlike the traditional baby milestones we will never see, this book has gentle prompts asking about our hopes and dreams for baby, the moment you found out you were pregnant, and the days you were carrying the baby. It also has a section for the sadder moments, when you found out the baby was lost, and places for memorials and anniversaries.

The book is especially designed so that if you do not have sonograms or pictures, you can tug those pages out, so no page in your baby’s book is blank.

Learn more about this book in its video:

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9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Give Away #3

  1. This is the perfect way to remember my angel, Braydon John Kimbrough.”I’ll love you forever,
    I’ll like you for always,As long as I’m living
    my baby you’ll be.”

  2. I’ve always wanted a baby book for my son, Braydon John Kimbrough, but he decided to go to heaven before I got a sonogram and it hurts too much to leave those pages empty. I love that I can personalize this book just for him.

  3. I’m glad to know this kind of book is out there. We did get an ultrasound of Quinn the day before our baby died, but that was only because my nurse wanted to see if we could see any reasons for the Quinn’s “inability to thrive”. It’s a picture I’ll always treasure.

  4. My Peanut didn’t live long enough to be born, but I still think of my baby everyday. On some days, I can bring myself to look through the memorial box.. just to smile.. to cry.. to remember.

  5. This book is great, I have only found books with all of the pages for 9 months of pregnancy, not 5 1/2.

  6. If this is still open, I would love this. Just had my first miscarriage yesterday 🙁

  7. Congratulations, Ellie! You won the book. I’ll email you so you can let me know where to send it.

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