A great day for Baby Dust

A couple weeks ago, an administrator from the web site Pixel of Ink contacted me, letting me know they wanted to feature my book. I was completely in shock, as this web site is one of the biggest Kindle sites on the web. And they were going to feature me?

Today has been the big day, and I’m so thrilled that more people will learn about the book, and hopefully more moms and dads and families will learn they aren’t alone in what they’ve been through.

It’s an amazing day in this journey–Casey Shay, sweet baby, look where you are now!

Go see the feature!

One thought on “A great day for Baby Dust

  1. Deanna, first…. thanks for this site. I know you are busy, but could you Please email me? I listed my emailaddress with my name in order to leave a comment. I don’t like to put a lot out for the world to see, because I haven’t come to terms with it, but I need to communicate with someone who was around the 20 week mark.

    If you can’t contact me, I understand completely, but I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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