As Oct. 15 approaches, a song for you

Remember that on Oct. 15 (a Monday this year) at 7 p.m. your time, grieving families around the world will light a candle for their babies for one hour, completing a wave of light around the world.

As we lead up to this day, I like to do little things to help you prepare. If you don’t already have a special candle for your baby, you still have a week to pick one up. If you know other baby loss moms, get together with them. Grief shared is grief halved. There might even be a public candle lighting in your city! Go here to see: October 15th Events

I will post many songs that are appropriate for playing during your hour of candle lighting for your baby.

Here is one of them. I think I love it so much because of the idea that I was CHOSEN to carry Casey. No matter how it went, life or death, I got to be his mother for a little a while, to carry him while his heart beat.


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