15 Years Since Casey Died, and a New Outreach!

One of my life’s works it to keep Casey close by expanding my reach to families who have lost a baby. It’s hard to imagine that this year, Casey would be getting his learner’s permit and start driving!

This year, I’m starting a new book and a new page for couples who are having trouble with their relationships after their baby dies. I get so many letters from women asking, “Is it normal for my husband to act like nothing happened?” So many feel betrayed by the one person who seemed to have been as invested in the pregnancy as them, and this cuts the hardest.

It’s hard to explain that the law of relationships is at work here — only one person can fall apart at a time. And that they don’t intend to make you feel more alone. It’s just what happens.

The new page on Facebook is called Forever Innocent, which will be the title of the book I’m writing. There I will be listening to your stories. We’ll be helping each other. And hopefully, in the end, we’ll work together to make a book that will have the resonance of Baby Dust. While that book deals a lot with the loss itself, this new book, which has a couple reunite four years after losing their premature baby and walking away from each other, will be for those couples who have struggled with how to manage their love for each other when so much of it was caught up in the goal of building a family.

Go visit the page and leave your experiences! I can’t wait to talk to you all!



3 thoughts on “15 Years Since Casey Died, and a New Outreach!

  1. Deanna,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart that I have found your site. The grief I am currently experiencing is beyond any I could imagine. I miscarried alone this last Sunday. My heart goes out to you and all the women who have shared here and all the women that are silently suffering. I would like to share my story with you. May I send it to you in email?
    Your writing is honest sincere and from the heart. I am uplifted and can carry on knowing that you are there. I lived in Austin and went to UT so I have another connection. And the father is currently there now and not with me. It makes for twice the heart break.
    Thank you for creating this site. Thank you for breaking the silence and sharing. My prayers and love to you your family and all your angels.

  2. Hello, i.don’t know how i got to your website, but I’m glad it jump to it. Husband and i were so excited our first pregnancy and with twins. Im a recent mother of two babies angels baby boy and baby girl we lost them at.19 weeks Dec. 14 2013. Reading thru your pages and the stories tears were rolling down my cheeks so hard to control them memories were just coming back. My heart and prayer goes out to all the mothers that lost their babies. Sorry i cant go on with the writing tears wont stop but i.really would like to thank you for your website.

  3. This is so good for mothers and fathers to be able to talk about the loss of their child and to know you know what we feel. I have written a rough copy of a book about my child and its called 12Days. That’s how long Ashton was alive. He was born May 29, and died June 10, 2007. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

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