Come talk with us about how you grieved after your loss

I’m writing a new book! Just like back in the day with Baby Dust, I’m hoping you brave mamas will share some of your stories so that this book will be as real and as helpful as my first one was.

We’re off to an amazing start, with some 500 mamas already coming over and some 50 comments already in place on the early posts.

I hope you will join us, and as we go along, I’ll be sharing what I hope can be helpful about the book, plus we’ll be giving away more prize and memory boxes (two have already been won!)

Come see us!

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

5 thoughts on “Come talk with us about how you grieved after your loss

  1. July 18 2013 I woke up the contractions in the morning and passed the fetus I cryed all that after I got home from the hospital yes this miscarriage was vary hard for me but I know my baby is with it brothers or sister plus its great grandpa I got roses and lite up some candles and called my friend that lost his son my a miscarriage and we got to gether that day and just played music for his son and my 3 babys I lost

  2. Hi,

    My book, Not What We Were Expecting, was released November 7, 2014 by Fountain Blue Publishing. I hope that by sharing my story I can help those dealing with similar issues find comfort, healing and hope on their own difficult path. My book deals with infertility, miscarriage, infant loss and failed adoption. I could provide an e-book copy to you for review for you to see if it would be appropriate for your list. My website is Sample chapters are also available for Kindle and Nook, if you’d like to check those out first. The links are available on my website,

    I truly believe that reading my story will help others with their own healing process. I want them to know that if my husband and I were able to make it through all we went through, they can survive their loss and have hope for the future.

    Thank you so much for your consideration and please let me know if you have any questions at all.


    Angela Dawn Vesely
    Not What We Were Expecting

  3. We lost our sweet son, whom we named Michael Leo Hope Flynn on December 20, 2014 at 16 weeks. Both my husband and I turned 40 this year and had been trying to conceive naturally for 2 years. We were so overjoyed when we found out we were pregnant on October 1. I was so blessed to have Michael for 4 month living with me. I went into preterm labor and We lost him so quickly, within 24 hours. We are so heartbroken beyond words. Thank God we were able to hold him after his birth, he was so perfect, so beautiful, such a little strong boy, just like his Daddy. I pray God holds our angel Michael in His arms and Michael is in peace in heaven. We miss and love you little sweet Michael with all of our hearts. I look forward to the day we all will be together in Heaven. Daddy has a lot to teach you about music, “The Boss” and trains and he will make you laugh and feel so happy as he does for me, and I just want to hold you in my arms forever. My heart will always long for you, my beautiful sweet boy. Love, Your Mommy

  4. I’m so sorry. I lost my first pregnancy almsot a year ago now, and it still hurts to think about, but it has definitely gotten easier. What you’re feeling is completely normal. I cried for probably about 2 months pretty consistently, and then I got really angry. Eventually all of the intense emotions faded and I started to feel more like myself again, although I know this is a part of me forever and I won’t ever forget it happened. Just take some time to let yourself feel everything and know that however you feel, it’s normal, no matter what. I did go see a therapist a couple of times and I found that really helped because she was completely unbiased. I’m so sorry again. And feel free to lean on any of us for support.

  5. I lost my first pregnancy just last July 28, 2016 thru D&C. I was 9 weeks along when I found out that there is no progress since my first sonogram which was my 6th week. the doctor said that it was a nonviable pregnancy or a blighted ovum. they said that the baby wasn’t formed. I don’t know why I am still hurting so much even if they said that there was no baby, all I know in my heart was I lost MY BABY and its killing me so much. I even gave him a name and buried what the doctor has taken from my womb. I waited 10 years to get pregnant, and I felt some pregnancy symptoms even before I had positive pregnancy test. I felt being a mom to my baby for 9 weeks and its all that matters to me. I am still so depressed right now that there’s no single day that I wouldn’t cry and I know I will forever remember that he is part of my life.

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