Preventing Miscarriage

I’m going to start this page with the important point that there are very few miscarriages that are preventable. Well over half of all miscarriages are caused by random genetic problems in the baby that could not be avoided.

As you go into your next pregnancy, you may wonder what the doctor will do differently. What are they going to do to keep it from happening again?

The key is finding out what caused the loss, and if that cause was random or recurring.

I have a huge section on this: Diagnosing the cause of miscarriage

An important section to read if you are sure you could have prevented your miscarriage is the page on myths. There you will find the most common things women blame for their miscarriage, and why they are not a factor.

The few types of preventable miscarriages involve the following causes:

  • Hormone deficiencies
  • Physical problem with the uterus or cervix
  • Immunological problems

Read about them on the Causes of Miscarriage page.

One thought on “Preventing Miscarriage

  1. in the last six months ive had 2 m/c an one d&c due to heavy bleeding as complication of my last one which was almost two months ago both times baby didnt grow after 8 weeks by time i figured out with the second i was 13 weeks…i just wanna know how i can have a healthy baby i have 2 kids already so i know its not that i cant have kids and also wen should i try again i really want another baby doctors say six months but i dont think theres any physical reasons to wait that long i was thinking he said it because of how emotional i was trying to refuse d&c up into the point i had no choice but to take it… if you could give me your opinion that be great i really want a healthy baby the next time i try

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