23 years and counting

My story began in 1998. I had no idea what I was about to go through was so common. Nobody talked about losing a baby. It was something that happened to other people.

In the 23 years since Casey Shay left us, the internet has soared with women gathering to talk to others going through the same thing. I’m so pleased we have places to help each other.

No matter how old I get, I will still remember this day. The chalkboard at my school, filled with bets by my students about whether I was having a boy or a girl. (Lots of cans of soda were riding on my call that day with the news.) My parents, waiting for the directive to plan for a boy or a girl.

And that sonogram. That long, terrible, silent sonogram where we learned that he had died.

My story has been told many times. This year, I added TikTok to my collection of social media. Here’s the video I made for 2021.

Love to all you grieving moms. It does get easier, but it never goes away.

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