How do I tell my children?

Whether you have lost a baby the children didn’t know about and they are wondering why you are so sad, or if you have come home from the hospital without […]

The Politics of Fetal Death

Depending on the country, region, or state where you live, how your miscarriage will be handled depends on local laws. Your ability to receive your baby’s remains also depends on […]

My life, hard times

I keep getting behind on comments. I truly apologize, ladies. Last year, my second little miracle baby, now seven years old, had her first Grand Mal seizure. Since then, we’ve […]

A Day for Dads

Certainly, dads grieve differently from moms. I hear from the occasional dad after the loss of a baby. Usually he is worried about mom, wanting to know what he can […]

Anniversary Dates

Some women aren’t sure which is worse — dreading an important anniversary or forgetting it all together. I get both scenarios in my inbox. Women who don’t see how they can […]

Sympathy Cards

Ever since all the e-card nightmares where scammers were sending emails saying “You have a greeting card from a friend” but it was really just phishing for your private information, […]