Such beautiful statues

Robyn Bear of October15th.com is promoting these new statues by artist D. Antonia Truesdale, and they are so beautiful. I have never seen anything like them: Go on over to […]

Dia de los Muertos

At the candle lighting last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah Silk Kapasi, an artist local to Austin. She let me know that as part of the Mexic-Arte […]

Sympathy Cards

Ever since all the e-card nightmares where scammers were sending emails saying “You have a greeting card from a friend” but it was really just phishing for your private information, […]

Site hacking

I’m sorry that my site has been experiencing some troubles. I have a hacker going after me and deleting it daily. I’m working on closing up any holes. I’ve very […]

Hormone Trauma

This is a touchy subject, but one I can address more easily in general rather than with someone specific in an email or post. Hopefully some of you out there […]

Suicide Thoughts

Among the emails I receive daily are suicide notes. Some women just write to express their fears about having thoughts of suicide. Others are in full-blown distress, ready to give […]

Loss Groups

We are nearing the end of my questions, and I will compile the situations I will try to weave into the narrative shortly. Writing begins in seven days! The pregnancy […]

Friends Indeed

Not everyone was insensitive, thankfully, after my loss. Many people at work or at church would call or email and tell me their stories of miscarriage. I ended up with […]

Yes, I will!

Many times since my miscarriage website began, women have asked me, “Why don’t you write a book?”   My answer has pretty much always been the same, “Good books are already out there.” […]