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  1. my wife has been pregnant for tweeve weeks and found out today by her doctor that she’s having twins and one of of the two babies is dead. Terrible news, now i’m worried if my wife is in danger. The twins are into seperate sacks accourding to her doctor. Is the other twin safe or not. Please help me and send me more information.

  2. The loss of one baby in a set of twins is far more common than we ever knew before sonograms were routinely performed in the first trimester.

    While it is a sad thing to lose one of the babies, it usually does not pose any danger to the living one. My own kindergartner is testament to that as her twin’s sac broke during my 10th week but she was born just fine.

    Typically the uterus will absorb all the water from the sac and baby, leaving only the thinnest slip of tissue, which only rarely causes a complication when babies are lost in the first trimester.

  3. I took a positive pregnancy test in April and then had terrible cramping and bleeding 3 days later. The bleeding and what appeared to be tissue and/or clots continued for about 10 days. I confirmed with my doctor over the phone that it sounded like a miscarriage. I have had them before so although I was sad, I was not worried. I continued to have pregnancy symptoms, however, and a few weeks later took another test. It showed positive although there had been no other opportunities for me to get pregnant. The symptoms have continued (nausea, no cycle, etc.). Is it possible that maybe I was pregnant with twins and I lost one? I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter. I don’t have insurance for another month and a half so I have not yet been to the doctor.

  4. Hi I’m 19 and this us my 3 pregnancy the two previous resulted in miscarriage. Now I’m afraid it will happen again, went to the ER lat night and they said I was fine that my numbers were great and to stop worrying, but it just seems I can’t I noticed a little blood again today but stopped immediately and I’m just very scared what can I do? I’m just so worried still

  5. Hi, I have had two full pregnancies, and on my third I had a miscarriage. At 11 weeks, i was told it was the blighted miscarriage. Then two weeks later i had a hemerage and had a D&c done to stop the bleeding. For my check up after that, I was told that the Doctor that did the D&C thought it was a Moral miscarriage. What are the diff between the two and how long should i wait to get pregnant again? I have been in and out of the doctors office, and dont want to go back to ask that one question. My hcg levels are at 0 and they told me I dont requier any more testing.

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