This section refers to treatment of the miscarriage itself. To see information on different treatments to prevent a miscarriage, see Prevention.

Choose which trimester in which your miscarriage was diagnosed.

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Remember that how far along you were is counted from the first day of your cycle. So, if your first day of bleeding in your last cycle was on February 1st, and your miscarriage occurred March 15, you were six weeks pregnant.

Trimesters are broken down roughly as:

1-12 weeks = 1st trimester

13-28 weeks = 2nd trimester

29-40 weeks = 3rd trimester

Some doctors/organizations make the 2nd trimester shorter, 14-26 weeks or 13-24. For this web site, 13-28 weeks is used.

6 thoughts on “Treatment

  1. I have had 3 miscarriages. The first one I had a vag. ultrasound @ 8 wks. & they told me the sac was empty & I would miscarry. I waited 4 weeks and decided to have a d & c. The second happened 5 days after I had a positive preg. test. The third happened at 8 wks. & I miscarried on my own (no d & c). I am 22 years old & in good health. The doctor is wanting to check for autoimmune probs. Anything you can do to advise me??? Thanks!

  2. I’m glad your doctor is being proactive. It is definitely time for you to start doing some testing for your losses. Did you read the section on Diagnosing the Problem? You can get an overview of the tests and what they might mean.

    The main thing is for you to feel confidence in your doctor and for the office to be responsive to your questions and need for information. If you don’t feel you are getting that, you can always ask to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist, who is a specialist in finding the cause for infertility.

    It’s a long road ahead. Let me know how you are doing.


  3. A week ago I started spotting then it turned to a regular period flow. By day four I started cramping and passing large dark red tissue/clots early that morning. Cramps were heavy. Day five I went to the Dr.. They gave me a pregnancy test which came up positive ( I had been on birth control & had no clue I had been pregnant). Upon an ultra sound the Dr. said my cervix was really closed, but there wasn’t much she could see in the scan. She had me give blood over the next few days to check my hormone levels just to make sure. I’m still bleeding though not as much. Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and the lines were a faint positive. I know this pretty much adds up to = no baby. I was supposed to get the results yesterday, but the Dr. is now gone for a three day weekend….so I have to wait to hear. I just want to know so I can move on & think about healing or worry if I’m still pregnant & bleeding. Any advice?

  4. I’ve recently had a miscarriage. First I took misoprostal and it didnt’ work, so I went for a D&C. After about 1 month, the gyne informed me that lab results showed they weren’t able to remove any products of conception, thereby reinforcing my constant cramping still. I went for many more blood tests and ultrasounds ever since and i am still holding the tissue inside. The gyne tells me that my options are the same, either keep waiting, take misoprostal again, or 2nd D&C. I am afraid of what to do since we tried so long to conceive and dont’ want to risk fertility. Please help!!! thank you.

  5. i had 5 miscarriages and my Dr has done all the tests including chromosomal, and many other tests in the world and they could not find any problems. i do not what to do anymore?

  6. I was 5 days short of 12 weeks and started to bleed at work, i went to the hospital and had an ultrasound externally and vaginally. Results came they told me there was no yolk sac? they also told me they couldnt measure a heart beat and the fetus measured 6 weeks not 12…..did my baby die at 6 weeks? i waited to go to my doctor and prayed they were wrong. They werent wrong, i ended up miscarrying and i have been bleeding since, it will be four weeks since my hospital visit tomorrow? Is this normal?

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