Your Next Pregnancy

This can be the most difficult topic of all, because everyone has an opinion, and your doctor and your friend’s doctor, and internet sources, and your mother, and your partner will all say different things. You will personally go from wanting to try again RIGHT NOW to never wanting to try again, sometimes in the span of five minutes. You may not agree with your doctor. Your partner may not agree with you. You are already grieving, and upset, and feeling like a failure, and thinking too long about this topic can make you feel so very much worse.

Accept that there are many opinions. Let me tell you a bit about why.  Doctors are trained to recognize that a woman needs emotional healing, but not really to help them or explain it to them, since it goes beyond their “bones and tissues” type of practice. Three months is considered the average amount of time a women will grieve hard over a loss, and will have a difficult time (and be a difficult patient) if she gets pregnant prior to that. While there are a few doctors who believe that your uterine lining must take three cycles to get back to rebuilding itself fully each time (especially after a D&C, where it gets scraped pretty thin), most doctors know that it doesn’t really matter in about 80% of the cases, and getting pregnant again right away does not carry any increased physical risk or miscarriage risk.

So even among doctors, some will say the standard “wait three cycles” and might even scare you into thinking you’ll have another miscarriage if you don’t wait, and others will say go ahead and try again now.

As for my opinion, I’ve been running this site since 1998, and have talked to literally thousands of women who have had miscarriages. From what I’ve seen, you really should wait for one cycle to complete, because if you do not, you will experience one of two situations, both of which will cause you much unnecessary grief and pain:

1. If you do get pregnant again before having a period, you will not establish a reliable Last Menstrual Period date (your miscarriage date is of no use). You will run into lots of problems when you go in for your first prenatal sonograms and blood tests, causing you tons of grief (often for nothing) and can wreck your relationship with your doctor (supporting the “difficult patient” theory.)  For example, the blood test will say you are six weeks; you will insist you are eight. The sonogram will not show a fetal pole yet, but you have read that you should see a baby by now. You will think your doctor should do something, but he or she will just say your date is wrong and come back in a week. You will spend a week of torture, wondering if the baby is dead, and why do you have to wait for answers.

All these things can be avoided by knowing your LMP, or preferably ovulation. Most of the time, the babies are fine, but sometimes you are having another miscarriage. Everything is murky because you don’t know for sure when you got pregnant, because you didn’t complete a full cycle.

2. If you have retained tissue, your period will be “late” (although all post-miscarriage periods take more than four weeks and are late) and you can even have a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST, but you are not pregnant. This is hCG left in your system from the miscarriage, which has not completed. You may begin bleeding and cramping and think you are having another miscarriage, but you are just still going through the first one. I have met women who have written me grieving over a 2nd lost baby, naming it and everything, when it turned out she only had missed tissue from the previous loss.

Having a D&C does not guarantee that all the tissue was taken. This is not uncommon. If you did not wait for a real period, you will not know if a pregnancy test really means you are pregnant again, or if your loss has become a long drawn-out ordeal. Additionally, charting and even ovulation predictor kits are not reliable tools during that first cycle after a miscarriage, and the body will put out lots of signs of fertility or lack of it as it tries to adjust itself. Women may be absolutely sure of their pregnancy’s gestational age, and still be wrong!

Once you get past that point, try the sperm meets egg plan to see if you can speed up the trying again process. On the other extreme, not getting pregnant that first cycle, or for the next few, when you are fervently trying, will actually push your grief further down the line, month by month, and it can really be detrimental to healing, your life, and your relationship. Often your life will completely revolve around trying again and you will feel even more a failure, more unable to cope.

This may also happen if you wait, but is more likely to pull you into a clinical depression if you are not yet dealing with your loss and are still having some hormonal upheaval.  Even if you feel like you are fine, the grief is really out there, and you need to work directly through it. I don’t worry about the women who write about crying and saying they can’t go on. They are working through their pain and grief. I worry about the woman who just wants to try again, and doesn’t mention or think about the pain of losing a baby.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, though, me or your doctor or your mom or your friends, in the end, this is your life and your body, your baby, your future, and your decision. Make your choices well, and try not to look back. Moms must be brave–find your courage and move forward.

Monitoring a New Pregnancy

Some doctors will respond to your worries and bring you in for additional hCG tests and early sonograms to monitor the new baby more closely. Most will not do anything. It can be frustrating and scary to think about waiting until 8 or 9 weeks to see the doctor, when every day brings a new twinge or cramp or cervical discharge that makes you panic.

I think it is reasonable, if you have had only one loss, to still request an early blood test and a sonogram at 7 weeks to see the heartbeat. This will reassure you. If you have had more than one loss and no healthy babies yet, then you should be able to request more frequent monitoring of your hCG and progesterone levels, just to see where the pregnancies are failing. This could help give you a clue as to a cause.

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68 thoughts on “Your Next Pregnancy

  1. I just want to thank you foir this wonderful site.

    I miscarried at 8 weeks having seen the foetus and heartbeat. I’s been three cycles since and still no luck.

    I think about it all the time.

    Thank you again
    MW, Sydney Australia

  2. This site is absolutely brilliant. I miscarried at 6 weeks. The site has helped me to understand symptoms and reasons of what has been happening to a time when I have felt really vulnerable, scared and not knowing what to expect.

    Thank you soo much.

    MB from the UK

  3. Just to thank the makers of this website. I misscarried at 10 weeks in December. I have just found out that I am pregnant again and really worried due to complications that I had the last time. This is the most helpful website out there and explains everything.

    Thanks so such!

    SB from Edinburgh

  4. What a fantastic place to come when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, Thank-you so much for lifting me back up! i misscaried at 7 weeks recently after seeing a heartbeat. i was devestated.
    This site has helped me put things into perspective and stop blaming myself. I am curently trying agian after first cycle and i think im prepared either way it goes!

    Thanks again!

  5. I am so confused. I had a miscarriage at about 5-6 weeks including lots of bleeding for about 5 days. Afterward I felt pretty normal and all sign/symptoms of pregnancy went away. today is 4 weeks and 4 days past the miscarriage, and my breasts have been sore for about 5 days and I’ve been continually prepared to start my period due to this. Today I took a left over pregnancy test out of curiosity and it was a faint positive. So…could I still be getting a positive from the 5 week miscarriage over a month later? If so, why would I be having this breast tenderness all of a sudden?Is the breast tenderness from my body trying to start a period, or is this a new pregnancy and that’s why? I am so confused.

  6. Kim,

    I’m sorry you are going through such a hard time.

    First, yes, it is possible that you still have remaining hCG from the previous miscarriage, but it is also possible that you could have a new pregnancy, if you have not been using birth control.

    The only way to know for certain what is going on is to have two blood tests done three days apart. If the number doesn’t double, then that eliminates a new pregnancy (which you may not be worried about, if you know it is impossible.)

    Having hCG linger that long is a sign that your uterus is having a hard time expelling the tissue at the implantation site. It might require a mild cramping drug or a round of progesterone to bring on a good solid bleed that gets it out.

    It’s time to call your doctor and see where you are.

  7. Hi… I took a home test about two weeks back and it was positive. I gave birth to a stiborn last year and four months later later fell pregnant again only to find out that the foetus did nit develop and I had an empty sac. I do not have sore breasts or morning sickness, just feel the urge to eat all the time. What are the chances that this might be excatly like the last pregnancy. I am scared to go to a doctor.

  8. I just wanted to say that this website has been my lifeline for the past 5 months. It provided me with the information I needed after I miscarried 5 months ago. It has given me a place to go for understanding, peace and hope. It has provided me with a sense of normalcy and helped reduce my isolation and self-blame. This website also gave me hope for future pregnancies and provided a very practical guide to help women achieve another pregnancy when ready. The sperm meets the egg plan was a great plan and I can happily say that after trying it faithfully for 1 month I am now blessed to be pregnant again! I of course am filled with fear and excitement but this website has addressed this very natural occurrence and helped keep my stress at bay. Thank you so much for helping women like myself get through the very devestating experience of losing a child. We often need to find support in those who knows exactly what it feels like mind, body and soul.

  9. Thanks for the helpful site.
    I was 13 weeks when I miscarried and it was so hard. I was really scared at 9 weeks cause I was getting major cramping. So I booked a U/S and we got to hear the heartbeat. It was really cool and they said the babies hear beat was 170 which was good. But still we had a miscarriage. I thought we were safe cause it was past 12 weeks. My first appointment with my OBGYN was the day after I was in the ER room learning about my miscarriage. It was horrible.

    This site helped so thank you very much~

  10. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and since then I haven’t been able to concieve. Since I had a miscarriage does that mean I can’t have kids? Please help me I’m so upset and scared!

  11. Hi- This website is so wonderful & has helped me very much!! I do have some questions I hope some1 can help me out on. To give some background: I have been w my bf for 7 yrs & I had just gotten off the bc pill & was havin unprotected sex. I was due for my periond on Feb 18 a didn’t get it. On Feb 20, I took 2 pg tests same day diff times & both came back pos. I was soooo excited & made a doctors appt for that thurs, feb 26. at the office I took a pg test as well… this one came back neg. I was soooo upset but the nurse said maybe it was to early to tell bc I tested so early. I was so upset & wanted answers right away so the nxt day I went to the er where they did a blood tst. the test showed my hm levels were at 5, very very low. while I was at the er I started to bleed! it was not terrible just a little heavier then normal. & it lasted till about mon- 4 days. here is my situstion: my bf & I were havin unprotected sex & I have not had a period since the mc. on fri it will be 6 weeks. my question is… is it more likely I am pg again or is my body just off track bc of my mc? I have been thinkin about this & bc it was a very very early mc & my levels were almost to 0 on the 27 shouldn’t I of had a pd by now? I have not taken a hpt bc I am sooooooooooo afraid this will happen again & I would just rather not kno!! any suggestions or comment… thank u!!

  12. Hello. I love this site. I have had 2 pregnancies that resulted in 2 mc over the past year with my most recent one at the end of April. I keep refering back to this site becuz it is so informative and helpful. I did convince my doctor to do some early testing…a complete blood panel of about 8 different tests and they all came back normal. I have faith and trust in God that me and my husband will be blessed with biological children soon. My mom had 13 miscarriages and has 5 healthy children. Of course back then they didn’t really do any of the testing, so I can’t say, “hey my mom has this, so maybe I do too.” I will be trying the sperm meets egg plan, this month as we were given the green light to try again whenever we were ready. We haven’t had trouble getting pg the both times, but hopefully the plan with boost up our 3 month average. Thank you for keeping up with this site and for all your supportive blogs. And please please pray that we will get pregnant soon and that it will go to turn and result in the perfect baby for us.

    Thank you, and God Bless

  13. I just recently had a miscarriage on dec 28, the following day I went for an ultrasound and it showed that I had some retained tissue and so I had to take a drug to clear the uterus. Last Friday, Jan 15 , I went for another ultrasound and it showed that I had a small cyst in my ovary, and some fluid, they believe that it is because I am going to ovulate. The ultrasound also showed that I had a small piece of tissue about 1 cm in my uterus. How can I ovulated if I still have retained tissue? Will I get my period. I have had unprotected sex since I stopped bleeding from the miscarriage around jan 3. I don’t know whats going on. Could I still get pregnant|? Even if I have retained tissue? Please help me I am scared and confused.

  14. Thanks so much for this website. I lost my first baby at 15 weeks last week in an incredibly physically painful natural miscarriage and this site has already brought me so much comfort. I find myself coming back to read sections just to reassure myself. It makes me feel better that you offer real plans for how long to wait and how to try again and what’s reasonable to expect and request of doctors. Thanks so much and blessings to you.

  15. Hey thanks for having this amazing website.
    My husband & I have been together for 6 and a half years and in the space of 4 years we have had 3 miscarriages and 2 ectopics, as far as I am aware, I have never had any sti’s such as clyamidia or anything like that so I really dont understand why this keeps on happening! After the first ectopic they took my tube out with surgery and told me that both my tubes were damaged and had alot of adhesions on them, I had one healthy baby girl 9 years ago but had bled alot while having her, so much so that they thought i was starting to hemmorage but everything turned out alright, so Im not sure if that had contributed to it or not. I just dont know what to do! My best friend is soo damn insensative and keeps telling me that I should just be happy with what I have which as you can imagine really gets my goat and its not that I dont thank God every day for my little girl, its just thatI want to give my husband the chance to experience everything that I did as he is not my childs biological father and therefore was not around when I had her but he loves her just like he would his own< I just need to know what i should do and what on earth I should do when my friend makes remarks like just be grateful for what you have because you never know when things can be taken away from you! when she has never had anything taken away from her, and she isnt the only one so many other people I know are saying stuff like this to me! and I am finding it sooo hard to hold on and keep sane so if you can help that would be great thanks.

    Sammy xx

  16. I wish I found this wonderful site right after I lost my Angel Baby in Oct at 10w 2d. This site has been so instrumental in helping me with my grieving. I’m pleased to announce we are pregnant again and I’m 5w 6 days and still visit this site frequently. Thank you!

  17. This site is amazing I had a miscarrage at 12 weeks well the baby died at 8 weeks but at 12 is when we found out it was the worst experience ever we had just told everyone we were pregnant I’m only 21 nd rather healthy so everyone was just in disbelief on Thursday last week me and my fiance just found out we are pregnant again only 3 mths after our shocking dissapointment…words can’t describe how excited yet bone chilling scared we are the info on this site has helped me a lot assuring me the loss was not my fault and my risk of loosing this blessing is no greater then the last one thing I want to tell all those women out there suffering from a miscarrage a lady told mer after mine ” god does not make mistakes” just think the baby was sick and couldn’t make it in the outside world …maybe the pregnancy had a different meaning..I can say I grew stronger as a person and a lot closer to my fiance maybe we wernt ready god prepared us for this one we are soo ready and as scared as I am I know god does not make mistakes and won’t throw at me what I can’t handle..good luck ladies hopefully this helps I know your pain keeps your chins up. – lindsey from michigan

  18. Hi every1 i am reali new to this site but i have found tis site reali helpful…especially now that i have just hade my misgarrage while am writting..i was 4 weeks along wen i was told that i have hade a misgarrage…which is reali sad for me rite now….

  19. I was pregnant and at 7 weeks and six days they said my baby didn’t have a heart beat and I waited for 3 weeks just in case my baby got a heartbeat but didn’t and I didn’t have any sighns of a miscarriage but they had to give me a pill to make me have one. Ever since then I couldn’t get pregnant and its been 9 months. But my boyfiend and I have had unprotected sex 6 times this month but had my period I am just wondering what the chances was of me getting pregnant again

  20. Hey their I miscarried bout 5 months ago at 7 weeks. Found out on my 12 week scan. haven’t had a period since had an u/s last month and changed to a lower contraceptive pill. I tested positive in a pregnancy test yesturday one faint line and a thick blue one is it possible I’m still carrying the hormone?

  21. Am so happy about dis site. I had a mis carriage on 17th of june 2012, i did a D&C 25 of june and i had unprotected sex 5days after becos i was not bleedling. And i was told by my doctor 2 wait 1 month for a normal period. I just want to ask if i can get pregnant now due to d unprotected sex i had. Or can i take pill in other to have a normal period for 1 month. Am ready for a baby now and i want everything to be normal and fine. Am still waiting for my period . Pls i need advice or suggestion on this. Thanks.

  22. hi i got miscarriage about 6 weeks 3 days.on 3 july 2012 i got my miscarriage and my period stops on 9 july 2012.on 11 july my doctor did my scanning and she told me i can try for new when should i do my next pregnancy test?

  23. Hello,
    I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks Aug. 7th i bleed very lightly barly anything till the 12th and stopped my HCG levels were back to 0 by the 11th. Had blood test done. The ultrasound on the 7th the day i started bleeding showed NOTHING at all which iw as 6 weeks so apperently i lost it a while before. All my symptoms went away about a week before this happened and now it is two weeks after the miscarriage and all My symptoms are back and worse then when I was pregnant. I dont know how this can be unless im pregnant again. I am still waiting on my period which reading this I will not get for at least another 2 weeks bt we will see i plan on taking a test sunday just cause i wanna see and know. DO you have any advise?

  24. i had misscarrige. i want agin try. i checked up will i concive again concive. i was scare.

  25. I had a d and c 5 weeks ago and just got my period i have back pain and cramping with heavy bleeding. I never had a period like this before.

  26. Alwaz have miscariage on d date of my nxt cycle.4times nw bt nt consecutively. usualy have early i run blood test n it alwaz txt positive.having symptoms again and i need to talk to some one thats why am here.

  27. Help in June I had a miscarriage and I was 12weeks well I didn’t bleed until July 18t, it is now September and yet I hAve not had any pperiod and before I was pregnant my period was normal I’ve taken three test which all came up negative should Ibe worried

  28. I finally got pregnant after 13 years of trying and lost him when I was 18 weeks and 6 days. I have pcos and when I went to get blood work done a couple months after loosing him they said my thiroid was low and estergin was to high. So I got on meds for my thiroid and now taking metformin. And they said the blood work showed I was able to ovulate but for some reason Im not. I started taking clomid and the first round didn’t work now I am fixing to start the second round. I really hope it works this time! We want a baby sooo bad! I am just wondering how long it’s going to take me to get pregnant again since I have pcos? I hope it’s not another 13 years!

  29. I just mc on sept 21.2012 how long I had to wait to get pg again I had a empty sac heart broker on this suff but I had 6 child but I just wan one more cild before trun 40

  30. Thank you so much reading this has helped me, I have had three misscarrages, two at six weeks and 1 at 12 weeks my last one was a month ago but I haven’t waited and now I think Ian pregnant again but to scared to take a test

  31. After 2 days of brown spotting & period pains, i visited EPU who scanned & said Id miscarried at 12 weeks, told the pregnancy had only actually developed up to 8 weeks, but that sac was empty (presuming this us what is known as blighted ovum) I was heartbroken more than I expected as initially the pregnancy which only took 2 months of trying was a shock!!!
    They asked me to return 1 week later for 2nd scan to check all tissue had gone. It didn’t, so after 3rd scan another week later, whole sac still intact, We opted for pessaries/tablets to speed up the process. I was in hospital from 8.30am-4pm after 2 lots of tablets & pains (told like early labour pains) nothing had come away & was sent home to sleep. That night I had an extremely heavy bleed with thick clots (which felt like I had literally wet myself 6-7 times this happened each time needing to change my thick pad) the next day the bleeding reduced & I thought it was finally over. I had my 4th re-scan on Monday (3 days ago & 3 weeks since my diagnosis) but unfortunately the sac was still present & they told me my endometrium was still up at 28mm?????? I’m due to go back again a week on Sunday to have a 5th scan to check again. I’ve been told I’m rhesus negative too. I’m so worried that something is wrong. Why won’t it go?? Am I gonna need d&c?? I’m worried of the risks involved & how this, along with my blood type and the fact I’ve already had a miscarriage that theres something not right. Thick lining ? Cancer. I’m 27, 11.7 stone, otherwise healthy. Any advice or shared experiences?? x

  32. Forgot to add 2 days after hospital visit & tablets, I began to get an offensive smelling discharge mixed in with bleeding. Rang EPU and went in fit a swab which confirmed some bacterial growth which the nurse said they wouldn’t treat as I wasn’t actually pregnant! I’m now bleeding daily but I’d describe it as a regular light-medium flow mixed with that same discharge although not as offensive!! I’m tired & fed up. Back to work Monday after 4 weeks signed off but unsure if I’m completely ready! Bills to pay x x

  33. I ladies I feel for all you ladies. I am sorry for your losses. I myself have had 2 mc’s 6 months apart. Onel last Oct. D&C in Dec. Then preggers again in Feb. to only mc twins. Another D&C in April. Well it’s now been 6 months since D&C and still not pregnant. I have been trying for 5 months. I am not getting pregnant, just wondering if something is wrong with me now. My cycles are 2 days shorter now. Any thoughts?

  34. Hi..well oct 6 2012 I had a baby gurl and she didnt suppose to be born into feb 4 2013…i was only 22weeks pregnant she live for 2days she die oct 8 and I feel so empty i feel like im in the need to have another baby as soon as possible but Im scare to even try again ..i been through so much sense 2009..2009 I had my baby boy at 30weeks..he’s healthy now…2011 I had a mc at 3months and now this..i just dnt know what to do I think Im going crazy wondering is something wrong with me why I cnt carry my babies doctors dnt know why…so where do I go from here.i just need answers(help)

  35. He there, i have polysistic ovaries and my period is very irregular. So wen i ws a mo nth overdue n my tests wer negative i dint tink nythin. Dn went fr a scan and he said i am 4weeks and 5days. I was sooo happy, he said to cum bck after 1week to confirm. At dat tym i was 8weeks since last period. After 1week no growth. After another 1week it wsnt der but i havnt had any bleeding. Im so upset. Plz help me, i cant find ny answers

  36. Thank you for sharing these stories, I am 7 weeks after a 18 week miscarriage. I do have 2 other children who are older, although I am still in my early 30’s this expierence has really scared me. I am thakful to have a resource like this to read. We are beginning to try again, and heal.

  37. Immediately after my wedding in June 30 I got pregnant,8 weeks after I started spotting till I finally miscarried the baby (in August 2012)..I immediately did scan which confirm dat there was nothing left again. My doctor gave me some antibiotics. But since then have not see my monthly period and instead I started noticing a kind of smelling discharge and sytoms of pregnancy (this happen ds month), but am not pregnant…pls what can I do? I really need someone to advice me…I really want to see my baby…pls help

  38. i had a misscareg a month a go but had sex sents can i be prego a gen. If i am can the baby servive

  39. Hey I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, since I had my daughter I’ve been trying to get pregnant and I’m unable to It gets to me everytime I see my period but I had Sex with my husband on the 13nov and I didn’t see my period all month I took a test and it showed positive but today is the 6dec and I’m having some cramping with mild spotting… I going to have a mc ? I’m very worried and sad……

  40. Okay; i found our on October 26 by a hpt i was pregnant. Then i m/c on november 6th. Got a negative test and everything. Well me and my husband began to have unprotected sex right after the bleeding stopped, bout 5 days after. Now I’m reading strong positives and I’m hoping I’m actually pregnant… and not just having left over hormones. But having that one negative before the four positive is a good thing right? Gives me hope maybe. Also im super tired and my nipples are dark and tender. :/ could i really be pregnant…

  41. Hi i like this site a lot,i had found out i was pregnant November 2,2012 and i had my first app November 5,2012 and when i went i found out i was 8w4d and no heartbeat,it was my first pregnancy and i still am sad but i am healing mentally and emotionally.i had a d&c November 13 and it will be a month Thursday December 13.i am trying even though i havn’t started my period,i hope this is not bad and it is unprotected intercourse but i have hope and faith and what happens happens i will be ready for the good or bad.i even bought the babys first baby blanket witch is still hanging on my wall.i hope the best for all.merry christmas and a happy new year..

  42. Hi I had a miscarriage on Nov 12, 2012. I had a period on Dec 15-22, 2012. Now everytime my husband and I have sex the next day ill bleed, not heavy but enough to need a pad. Im due for my period Jan 12-18. Could I be pregnant again or is it tissue for my miscarriage or something else. Im only active with my husband.

  43. Thank you so much for this site. I miscarried this past Christmas and it was hard on me & my boyfriend, we had just found out a few days earlier that we we’re having a boy & we were excited. we’ve been together going on 4 years & this was suppose to be our first child, for the first few days i cried and felt angry, ii even hated myself but after wards i felt nothing, i chose not to talk about my baby to anyone not even its father. we had a name already planned out & everything. but its bearly been a few weeks and he’s talking about wanting to try again, i want a baby, a family w/ him but im not at all sure if i’m ready to try again, sometimes i feel like i dont even want to try ever again. Christmas has been ruined in a sense for me and him, but i guess its been more ruined for me. this experience has taken a tole on me and i really would like some advice. i dont know if how im feeling is normal or not.

  44. This website is amazing to me. I fell pregnant at 19 years old, I bled pretty much from the beginning. At my 12 week scan I was told my baby had a 1:29 chance of having a chromosomal defect. Most women who have babies will know that is a VERY high chance. The fluid behind my babies neck that was supposed to be around 2mm was 7.9mm. I was sent for a CVS at 13 weeks, 4 days after my previous scan, they found no heart beat. I was devestated. They induced me 3 days later and I had to give birth to the baby. They sent the body off for testing. The results came back that my little girl was fine. No chromosomal defect at all. I have had a broken heart ever since. My partner and I have been desperately trying for the last 2 years to conceive again. But no luck. But this month unlike any other I just feel pregnant! My period is due tomorrow and I’m praying it doesn’t come! I am so scared and nervous but I want this more than anything! Please pray for us!!!

  45. Hi there, I started spotting 3 weeks 4 days ago and had a scan to find out the baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks but I thought I was 12 weeks. I stopped bleeding about 2 weeks ago and have had unprotected sex a few times, the last couple of days I have felt really sick in the mornings, really tired and the same smells are setting off my sick feelings, I took a pregnancy test last night (knowing it would come back negative as I wouldn’t be 4 weeks pregnant) and it come back negative. my tummy is starting to get a weird hard feeling but I don’t know if I could be pregnant again so soon, is it possible to be feeling these symptoms so early or is it just my body trying to get back to normal?

  46. i was miscarriage 7 week ,this my first
    pregnant which month i will next plan give me some advice .my time period was 2 sep 2012
    conceive and miscarriage date 8 dec 2011

  47. I miscarried on Christmas Eve, and its just been a month since it happened. It’s been the longest month of my life and I ended up having the d&c 2 weeks ago. I was nearing 11 weeks when it happened, but it turns out the baby had stopped forming at 5 weeks. So disappointed and sad, and just getting back to normality now. I’m glad to know I can get pregnant though and just hope it happens soon. But time is in God’s hand and I wait for His perfect timing.

  48. This made me feel better. I miscarried my previous baby at 20 weeks. I have two at home and I’m pregnant again now. Im due September 28, 2013. I waited 7 months after my MC and D & C to try again and it happened the first month I tried. 🙂 So far everything is going great. The doctor is more cautious with this one. Im getting an ultrasound on the 5th of February which will put me a little over 6 weeks. Blood tests are perfect.
    I remember after my miscarriage all I did was cry. I would tell everyone that God should have taken me with the baby on the operating table. I never felt so much sorrow ans grief in my life, as I did after that.
    I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on my worst enemy and I really can sympathize with other women who have had them. I pray every day that God let’s me take this one home.

    Thank you for this site. 🙂

  49. Hi
    I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks .it has been 18 days, my husband n i tried having sex for the first time after the miscarriage .i started feeling pains in my lower abdomen afterwards .is it normal .I had a d n c.

  50. Helo guys i need help i had a stillbirth feb dis yr nw its april i had unprotected sex wid ma bf 4 daes afta i had my periods but they were light n on and off i have been having al pregnancy symptoms but i bought a test n it said negative i dont knw what wrong help plzzz

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  54. i was just curios because i had a miscarriage in Jan. 2014 due to a h mole :(. an i just gotten over the lost an wanted to move on with my life. then 4 4 1/2 months later i was on my period felt super sick an nauseous an notice that both of my breast were leaking milk. I was wondering if you had any idea what that could mean?

  55. Hi All,
    If anyone has any advice would really be grateful. I have a five yr old – had healthy pregnancy but very long labour (3 days). He was delivered emergency c-section after doc trying vontouse (sorry spelling), baby heart rate dropped as he came down cervix and he was pushed back into womb. I have tried for 5 yrs to conceive. Had laposcopy – all fine. Would they text my cervix for incompetency during this? Had a miscarriage at 5 -6 wks on Xmas day this year and have had several unusually heavy periodsduring 5yrs and each time thought I was pregnant due to symptoms similar to first pregnancy. Doc has never sent me for a scan as too early to be classed as a miscarriage. I’ve said about my son being pushed back in and could I have damage to my womb/cervix, but docs seem to not care, I have a baby, so if i want another need to go private and have IVF! Is this right?? Can I have a cervical stitch to help strengthen my cervix, but how can I if I can only hold pregnancy to 5/6 weeks? No-one seems to want to listen. Many thanks. Becky xxx

  56. I had a miscarriage 2 months ago. I’m still not over it I wonder if I ever will be, I loved my baby do much. And then I lost it, it’s been two months and I have not had a period yet and my doctor acts as if it’s normal, is this normal

  57. I em doing ivf on 11 ET and on 25 hcg test i have to do but in earler week there was pain in my breast but now no pain but my breast size increase lil bit. I had alsi did my frst ivf but on 6+5 days coz of no heart beat i have to miscarriage. Pz tel i cn b pregnant as no pain nw in my breast

  58. I em doing ivf on 11 ET and on 25 hcg test i have to do but in earler week there was pain in my breast but now no pain but my breast size increase lil bit. I had alsi did my frst ivf but on 6+5 days coz of no heart beat i have to miscarriage. Pz tel i cn b pregnant as no pain nw in my breast

  59. 4month after dnc o sign of period nd my breast do bring out brown milk,hv don scan nd hormonal test,d scan shw am ok nd d hormonai result shw I hv high prolantin,pls I wan 2 get my period back nd I wan 2 conceive again.

  60. i had a misscarriage on september 2013 after that don’t getting pregnent ,hsg tet done on 25-august-2014,there is no problem to my both tubes,

  61. Hi,

    I miscarried at 12 weeks this summer and had to take medication to “complete” the miscarriage as it was a non-viable pregnancy. I have had one normal cycle (heavier flow than usual) but on my last ultrasound, I am still retaining tissue that is vacularized. My HcG is less than 5. We were told that we could try again after my first cycle. So we did and now I feel as though I am experiencing moderate daily nausea, vomiting, GI upsets (some similar to my first pregnancy). I am wondering if it is still possible to retain tissue and still be pregnant? If so, would this be a cause for concern? I’m worried this may affect future pregnancies if my body cannot seem to expel the remaining tissue.

  62. Well is true, i guess this is what happen to me some months ago, i hard miscarriage of about 3months of which i did the D&E and the doctor told me that i will see my normal period the following month, but after that month i did not see my Mp though out the month of May, till june 1st i saw my MP and 27th of the same mont, then, by July 27 of which i felt it will start again but it failed so when i did test i was positive meaning am pregnant, but after 3 months i started bleeding angain and this thing after ultrascanning i was told to evacuate it which i did and the doctor assured me of another pregnancy if i want to try again, now my question will i still be pregnant and for how long will i wait?

  63. Hi, i have never written anywhere about this I thought this site might help me…I had miscarriage in nov 2014. I dint bleed much but pain was unbearable. I had bilighted ovum there was a sac but there was no baby inside. This was our first one..I was all alone when it happened… with me I have become so scared of even trying for a baby again I don’t let my husband come near me forget about touching. I don’t know what iam feeling with the loss and this is seriously making me think iam a bad person. This tuesday 16th of dec 2014 I started my period I cried a lot that day but again next day I dint feel anything. This period is reminding of my miscarriage only when iam very angry.. I have become a really aggressive person.. ..I am not jealous of any pregnant women or the sort but I am all the time angry that I disconnected myself from all social media like fb I dont even remember to check my emails.. It has affected me really bad I mean my miscarriage but maybe becsuse I can never express my saddest feelings thats why iam not aware how it has affected…. I was ten weeks pregnant…. and I dont know whether I will be able to try again…and one more thing I want to share ,talk about your pain to the person who will understand you not to anybody who don’t care as I did that mistake. I was still on the 3 rd day of my miscarriage and I told someone but even having given birth to a child just 2 weeks before she compared my miscarriage with her toothache I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or get angry she is a mother of 2 little girls. ..

  64. Hy guys could I ask I go misscarriege on the 13 of December 2014 en on bleed for couple of days after 3 weeks u had unprotected sex how long should I take the pregency test could I be possibly pregnant?

  65. He guys I lost a bby was only 12 weeks preg en had normally misscarriege aftr 3 weeks had unprotected sex could I be preg

  66. I lost my daughter last month. I was 5 months pregnant, and had to deliver her and the placenta. I can’t explain the psi n and grief I deal with daily. This helped a lot. He was “my first love”. I just started trying again a fee days ago, I’ll never forget my Kali Charlise Jones !! 1-6-2015, 2:25am, 0.5pds, 8 inches!!

  67. Hi I had D&C on 23/1/2015 because baby has stopped heartbeat it was my second month. After d&c I had not any problems and I had passed two regular cycles. Now I want consive again. Please suggest me if there are any problems or not. I have one healthy baby of 5 years old. It was my second pregnency .unfortunately I lost my baby so please advise me I am eagerly waiting for your reply my LMP was 25/3/2015. Should I try for another baby?????

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