Women’s Stories

You are definitely not alone.

Out of every ten women who learn they are pregnant, one of them will lose her child.
What follows are the stories of these women. We hope that their willingness to share the saddest, most difficult experience of their lives will help you through yours.

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5 thoughts on “Women’s Stories

  1. Just a little something to all the women like myself who have gone through a miscarriage.

    My Angel by Sonnesha Garbutt
    I cried for you tonight. It’s been a while since I allowed myself to think of you, to think about you. Don’t think that I want to forget you , it’s just that the pain is too great; To think of what could have been, To think about you touched my life in that short amount of time. You didn’t even get a chance. We didn’t even get a chance. I wanted to show you the World. I wanted to show myself to you. I’m so lucky to have felt you inside of me. Even though you never got to see me or touch me, I have to believe you’re looking down on me and I’ll carry you wherever I go. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. So rest peacefully my little angel, You’ll always be in my heart. I’m sad you didn’t make it. We were so close but God needed you more and though I didn’t want to share you, I know YOU’RE WHERE YOU NEEDED TO BE FROM THE START.1

  2. Hi Deanna,

    I stumbled across your site and was mesmerized by the wealth of knowledge and advice you’ve amassed. You are an angel for many women out there who’ve experienced the loss of a child. I’m currently working with Emmy nominated TV/film writer Ann Hamilton. Ann’s experiences mirror many of the women’s stories on this site and she would love to share her story here. Her experiences also inspired her first novel, Expecting, which I believe would be a wonderful read for any woman struggling with miscarriage, infertility, and the emotional odyssee that comes with it for both partners. It’s a book that’s both inspiring, compassionate and sincere. I’m happy to send a copy along.

    Thanks for listening.

    all best,
    Julia Drake

  3. I have always appreciated your site – I wish I had discovered it in 2010 after my first miscarriage! There are so few places for support for miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss. Thank you! (The label “agnes” details my experiences with recurrent pregnancy loss).

  4. We lost our baby this year the day after mothers day and it doesn’t get any easier to deal with it actually gets harder as this was a planned pregnancy and we were so very excited. We lost our baby at 12 weeks to a natural miscarriage. The pain I experienced thru this is unexplainable and heart wrenching. I wrote a blog about it to help me heal and to help other women, as it is therapeutic for me please go read and share! I am writing a book and this is an insert from it.


  5. Hi Deanna, THANK YOU so much for this website. My cervix had started dilating at 20 weeks and a stitching was put in to hold it together… everything was fine until 22 weeks and 5 days when my water broke unexpectedly. I was rushed to the hospital to only find out that I had a lost a LOT of fluid and it would be very difficult for the baby to survive and to develop properly. I was induced and gave birth naturally just at the 23 week mark. It was very difficult to say goodbye but I feel so blessed to have know this little guy. After giving birth I thought that was that…I had no idea the body would change and go through so much afterwards. I really wish the nurse or someone had told me what to expect…so I am particularly grateful for the section on what to expect after a natural miscarriage. It answered so many questions for me. Thank you

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